What is depression?

One of the major psychiatric disorders is depression usually caused by mental sickness that is a result of negative affects on your mental and psychical situation that how you feel and what others make you feel in particular circumstances. Depressive disorder, particularly deals with feelings of grief, sadness, and lack of interest in one’s surroundings. It usually occurs when a person feels nothing towards his environment and the happenings around him. He totally feels isolated. All of the emotional and psycho problems are combined to make a patient depressed and down. Due to depression, persons feel loss of interest in his work and also he won’t feel comfortable with his family as well.

Depressive patients are likely to develop fits and they actually become aggressive in some cases. They consider themselves totally isolated and that they are about to end their life as they find no sense of enjoyment and happiness in it.

What is eating disorder?

Usually eating disorder is an illness in which people have imbalance in their diet. This disorder is related to various disturbances in eating plan because of certain reasons. It can be hunger issue or other health issues. In some cases, it is also hereditary and genetic. Eating disorder is usually common in those who are diet conscious and they stop eating all the essential food items because they consider it as a source of fat. People with more or less weight than their required body mass index are more mindful towards eating disorder.

How Depression is Related With Eating Disorder?1

This disorder is also common in those suffering from any kind of mental illness or psychotic disorder. Patients of mental disorder do not feel like eating most often. Due to certain reasons like depression and anxiety, patient suffers from eating disorder and they are very less careful towards their diet and health. Eating disorder is of few types mainly anorexia nervosa in which patient feels very that they are fat and they start dieting which leads them to mal nutrition. Other related types of this disorder are also critical to health and the mental situation of patient. Psychiatrist in Dubai will be helpful for treating this disorder.

How they are related?

Eating disorder is directly related to depression and other psychotic disorders as they have strong relation with person’s mentality. People who face mental disorder typically depression, will experience hunger issues. It is commonly observed that people who are in depression they would stop eating or drinking when they are down and dull. Usually children face this disorder and seek help from child psychiatrist in Dubai. Depression deals with eating disorder in a way that it effects people’s mindset and make them worry about certain issues. Due to tension and anxiety a person keeps on getting down and in depression which makes their eating routine disturb. So, if people will have depression treatment then his eating disorder will be corrected automatically.

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