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Black Friday is all about shopping fun and beyond. It is a time when businesses offer special discounts to help people purchase what they like. Black Friday is around the corner and we want to make your shopping spree fun. The following treatments are offered at 50% off. So give cosmetic treatments a chance. Continue reading to know the details.

Get these Six Treatments at Half Price

The Euromed Clinic Center Dubai always brings great offers for the UAE people. Our Black Friday offer on the following six treatments is going to start tomorrow. These treatments make you younger, attractive, and happy. Furthermore, you feel much better because you pay the half price. If you want to look better, this is your chance. Here are the details:

Oxygeneo Treatment

If you do not believe in miracles, just try our Oxygeneo treatment and surprise yourself. It is the same thing. If you believe in miracles, then you have got to believe in Oxygeneo treatment. You should get in touch with us no matter what you think about miracles so that one of our experts could explain how it works. Book your appointment now.

Botox Treatment

Would not you like to look younger, fresher, and confident? You certainly do! What if we told you our spectacular Botox treatment can make you confident, younger, and fresher? How is it possible? What are the pros and cons? Contact us now and we will explain how you become stunning by taking Botox treatment at 50%.

Black Friday Offers

Fat Reduction & Slimming Treatment

Life is more fun if you leave unwanted fat behind and start living with a slimmer look. How is it possible? Do I get side effects? What is the cost of fat reduction treatment? The Euromed Clinic Center Dubai offers safe, advanced, effective, and simple fat reduction options for face and body slimming. 50% off on this Black Friday. Please get in touch now and learn more.

PRP for Face and Hair

Do you want to make hair loss a thing of past? Would not you like to rejuvenate the skin in some minutes? Of course, you want to stop hair loss and rejuvenate the skin. That is why Euromed Clinic Center Dubai offers PRP for face and hair at half price. This offer is valid for Black Friday weekend only. So do not miss out; this is your chance to change your life. Contact now!

Mesotherapy for Face and Hair

Getting a contoured face has been made simple by mesotherapy. And we make it easy for you to get mesotherapy. How? For the upcoming Black Friday weekend, mesotherapy for face and hair is offered at half price. Means to say, you can take two treatments in the price of one. So book your treatment now.

Dental Veneers

Do you know what it is like to get stunning teeth at a half price? It is getting our dental veneers treatment at 50% off. If you have felt discouraged to smile due to the sorry state of your teeth, let’s get your lost smile and confidence back today. Book our dental veneers treatment at 50% discount.

Book Black Friday Offer Now

Take advantage of our wonderful Black Friday offers. Imagine paying half price for these remarkable cosmetic treatments. If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch now. Call us or fill the short online form and book your appointment with an expert. Black Friday Offers Valid From 24th November.

Black Friday Offers

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