With remarkable progress in the field of cosmetics, we can now choose from countless beauty treatments to improve our appearance. Among all those treatments, the derma roller has gained much traction lately.

A derma roller or microneedling device is a specialized handheld equipment used to treat acne scars and aging impact on the skin. It features a roller on its head featuring several hundred microneedles. When rolled over the treatment area, these needles pierce the skin and create micro-punctures that help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

The derma roller offers several benefits, making it an effective skin rejuvenation option. However, some side effects may also occur after this treatment.

To get a good overview of the derma roller’s abilities and shortcomings, we will discuss how it works, its benefits, and its side effects. So let’s get started.

How Does The Derma Roller Work?

Derma roller and microneedling cause controlled trauma through micro-punctures created during the treatment. This accelerates the skin’s healing process and produces fresh collagen and elastin – the two natural anti-aging elements in the skin. As a result, the skin gets tightened with reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

Derma Roller Treatment Benefits & Side Effects On Skin

Derma-rolling can be combined with other aesthetic treatments for more effective and accelerated anti-aging. For instance, your doctor may apply PRP before or after using a derma roller to supply growth factors below the top skin layer. These growth factors boost the healing process and augment collagen regeneration.

Dermaroller Treatment Benefits

A number of benefits are associated with the treatment. Have a look at them!

  • Less time-consuming – A derma rolling session generally starts with prepping of the treatment area. Once that’s done, the aesthetician will move the derm roller over the skin. Depending on your treatment goals, this process can take 15-20 minutes.
  • Fast Results – The initial results of the treatment may occur within a week. Complete results usually appear in four to six weeks. However, some people might have to wait more than six weeks to get noticeable results.
  • Minimal Recovery Time – This treatment leads to a short recovery duration. Almost 2 days to a week is required for the recovery, which is less than other procedures.
  • Little to No Pain – By looking at the procedure’s details, you may think of derma rolling as a somewhat painful treatment. Much to your surprise, this treatment causes little to no pain. Moreover, your aesthetician may use a topical numbing solution to prevent minor discomfort that may occur due to needle-piercing.

Dermaroller Treatment Side-Effects

Like every other treatment, derma rolling also comes with some side effects. But fret not; they are minimal and last only briefly. The most common side effects of derma rolling include the following.

  • Skin Irritation – Derma rolling or microneedling may cause minor irritation and inflammation in the treated skin area. Some swelling may also occur if you have sensitive skin.
  • Increase In Acne – In rare cases, using a derma roller may increase the risk of acne in the treated region. The best way to prevent this side effect is to get your skin examined by a qualified practitioner.
  • Infection – Infections can develop in the treated area if the derma roller is not properly sterilized before the treatment. This complication is more common among individuals who use a derma roller at home.

That said, the side effects of derma rolling are seldom a cause of concern. Why? Because they are minimal, and there are several ways you can avoid them. For instance, using the derma roller in the right direction is vital to avoiding most of its side effects. This will prevent painful needle-piercing and consequent irritation and discomfort.

Moreover, always use the derma-roller sterilized to avoid contracting infections.

And in the end, it is imperative to discuss this treatment with your doctor. 

Even though derma-rolling can be performed at home due to its minimally invasive nature, you want to avoid being bothered by its side effects. Therefore, getting this treatment in a clinical setting is recommended if you want to get all its benefits and avert its fallouts.