Cellulite itself is nothing more than some fat cells that push up against the skin causing uneven dimpling of the skin. The pushing up of fat against the skin gives out a rough appearance to your skin that can become a constant bother. But, with advancements in skin aesthetic procedures, some effective Cellulite treatments in Dubai can help you with this problem.

What is Cellulite Problem?

Cellulite is the excess fat cells that swell-up to create an uneven surface of the skin. This way the skin does not look silky smooth and appears rough and dimply. The fibrous bands and tough connective tissues are the main culprits that cause this problem.

Healthwise, cellulite itself is a harmless skin condition, although it can harm your appearance. This condition usually affects the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and hips.

Reasons you Need Cellulite Treatment

If you are suffering from any of the following problems you can opt for a cellulite treatment. These conditions include:

  • IF you have dimpled fat on different parts of your body
  • If your skin looks rough and dimply
  • If you are embarrassed about the appearance of your skin and you are always trying to hide it
  • You want to get rid of fat cells from a specific area of your body
  • You are unable to get rid of the fat with the help of exercise
  • Here are 12 Most Effective Remedies for Cellulite Treatment

1.   Laser and Radiofrequency Treatment

At Euromed Clinic Dubai our expert skin surgeons and dermatologists provide professional radio frequency (RF) treatment as well as Laser treatment that can help you get rid of cellulite problems. These are the most effective non-surgical procedures, are non-invasive, and don’t cause harm to the skin.

2.   Exercise Smart

A proper exercise that can specifically target the area where there is lumpy skin can make cellulite disappear. If the muscle under the lumpy skin becomes strong, your skin starts to look more smooth.

A three-part plan that includes brisk exercise, a healthy diet, and muscle movement can help improve the appearance of excess cellulite.

3.   Massage the Dimpled Zone

The area of your body that is most affected by cellulite can be made smooth with the help of a simple massage treatment. Massage works by improving blood flow and also relaxes your skin. Massaging regularly can help you get rid of the cellulite problem.

4.   Quit Smoking

Research studies have proven that there is no safe amount of smoking cigarettes.  Every puff takes you closer to dying early and severe health problems. Smoking can make your blood very thin which results in sagging skin. This very bad habit can also make cellulite problems more visible on your arms, buttocks, and thighs.

5.   Creams to Smooth Out Your Skin

Different creams can work wonders against cellulite skin problem. Beauty aesthetic products that contain caffeine can very quickly make your skin tighter.

6.   Retinol Creams

Creams that contain retinol are more effective against cellulite problems as compared to other creams. It is not the single solution to all your cellulite problems, however, it can improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Products with 0.3% retinol are the best ones.

7.   Hide the Cellulite (Temporary Effective Fix)

Hiding the cellulite problem can give you some temporary relief. If there is some important gathering or event with friends then you can opt for this solution. You can apply self-tanners to the affected area, however, you should apply a body scrub before using the self-tanner for long-lasting effects.

8.   Wear Support Stockings to Prevent Skin Dimpling

This effective fix can make your skin look less thick and saggy. The modern support stockings are not very thick and are very less noticeable.

These stockings press against the skin in such a way that the cellulite fluid does not have any place to pop up. These stockings also prevent your fat cell from becoming inflamed. However, their prolonged use can cause skin rashes and redness.

9.   Get a Good Body Wrap (Temporary Cellulite Solution)

A body wrap can easily hide cellulite. These wraps press onto the skin in such a way that the fibrous bands and fat cells of cellulite do not appear. However, their prolonged usage can cause skin rashes. A body shaper or some aesthetically pleasing and thin bandage can do the work of a body wrap.

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