Ultrasonic Cavitation is a weight reduction treatment that utilizes low-recurrence sound waves to blast fat cells, which may bring about lost creeps on the treated regions and (eventually) a slimmer figure. It’s been developing in ubiquity in the course of the most recent couple of years in light of the fact that while customary liposuction requires an intrusive strategy to expel fat, this methodology doesn’t.

How does it work?

Ultrasound Cavitation is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment which offers targeted results. With high resolution focused ultrasound application, fat cells are literally bombarded with precision levels of energy. Result? Body fat cells absorb this ultrasound energy, and then the fat cell structure basically ‘gives up’, breaking down into a liquid which the body naturally eliminates.

Benefits of ultrasound Cavitation

  1. The ultrasound cavitation can treat any part of the body from where you want to remove the unwanted fat.
  2. Unlike Liposuction It is a non-invasive treatment and causes no distress and discomfort.
  3. As it is a painless procedure, there is no need of any anesthesia and bandages.
  4. Ultrasound cavitation is a natural process and causes your body’s own fat eliminating system to lose fat
  5. As compared to Liposuction and others invasive treatments, ultrasound cavitation is a safer treatment.
  6. In most people, results are visible quickly after 2-3 days
  7. You just need to maintain a healthy diet to get the maximum results of the procedure.
  8. Easy to perform.

Results of ultrasound Cavitation

Depending upon the metabolism rate, treated area and body’s response to the treatment, the results of the procedure vary from a patient to patient. Some patient may experience quick results, just with 2-3 treatment while others might take 8-10 sittings to get the desired outcomes.

Difference between Ultrasound Cavitation and Liposuction

Ultrasound Cavitation


It is non-invasive treatment It is an invasive treatment
Natural treatment A cannula is used to suck the fat
Delayed results Quick results
Less expensive It is an expensive procedure
Easy to perform Special preparations are needed to perform the treatment
Safe treatment There are risks of side effects


Cost of Ultrasound Cavitation

The exact price of the treatment differs in each case depending upon the amount of area treated and the type of the procedure.

Side effects of Ultrasound Cavitation

Although, it’s a non-invasive and safe treatment comparing to other invasive and non-invasive procedures, it not a surety that there are no side effects. Few of the side effects are listed below.

  • Swelling and redness
  • Hike in body temperature
  • Increase in thirst
  • Slight pain in discomfort
  • A headache

Post-procedure Instructions

  • Drink more water than normal after the treatment
  • Eat healthy as prescribed by your doctor
  • Avoid hard drinks and caffeine
  • Abstain from taking shower right after the treatment
  • Do the exercise as suggested by the doctor
  • Take extra care of the treated area

Ultrasound Cavitation in Dubai

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