The widespread Covid-19 virus is on the rise with no plans on leaving any time soon. Believe it or not, the coronavirus is directly or indirectly influencing your lives in many different ways. Maskne is one of the many indirect effects that is encouraging acne breakouts, ruining facial aesthetics.

A face mask is the only effective measure against Covid-19 as it can also lessen the spread of coronavirus. But this control measure also has a side effect that will surely affect you if you are not careful. People already suffering from mild acne, eczema, and allergies are at a greater risk to suffer from maskne if they regularly wear a face mask.

Read on to know more about what mask acne is and how to deal with this problem?

What is Maskne?

Maskne is a special word that is made up of two different words, mask and acne. This specific word is used to describe the acne caused because of wearing a face mask. However, mask acne is not always related to acne.

The skin around the nose area is usually very delicate. Covering your delicate skin with a face mask for many hours each day can cause acne breakouts and skin rash. Women between the age of 20-50 are more prone to this skin condition.

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What causes Mask Acne?

Masks impose heat, friction, and occlusion on the skin and when combined with a moist environment from breathing, talking, or sweating, this is a recipe for breakouts

Pores get clogged and can become pimples or acne cysts. On top of that, the prolonged occlusion, heat, and sweat can cause the skin to become dry, itchy, and raw

Maskne Treatment in Dubai

These are some effective treatment measures to get rid of maskne problem. Remember it’s always a better option to opt for preventive measures instead of dealing with maskne later on.

· Spot treatments

You can opt for spot treatments to get rid of mild acne caused by wearing a mask. Any OTC product containing sulfur, zinc, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) can help reveal clear acne spots.

You need to be careful with the amount of spot treatment that you use, as it can dry out your skin. Use them in proper amounts along with some gentle moisturizer for better results.

· Exfoliate and moisturize

It is one of the best maskne treatments in Dubai. Skin exfoliators and gentle acid peels can help unclog the pores that are causing acne. Oil-free pores can help your skin to breathe even though the facemask.

Using a gentle moisturizer after exfoliating your skin can help ensure better results in fighting mask acne.

· Ditch the Fragrances

Some perfumes and body sprays can encourage acne breakouts. Therefore, it’s always a good practice to avoid fragrances and body sprays to stop the spread of mask acne.

· Laser Acne Treatment

If all else fails and you suffer from an acne breakout because of wearing a facemask — now you must consider a laser acne treatment. Laser treatment can effectively deal with an acne breakout, it can even stop further spread of acne.

· Hydrate Yourself

It’s a common misconception that oily skin can’t be classified as dry. Skin can be dry and oily at the same time. Dry skin can cause the pores of the skin to release more oil.

Wearing a facemask along with having dried-out skin can lead to acne breakouts. Make sure you drink enough water to avoid maskne breakouts.

· Take a Break

Wearing a face mask for a longer duration after mask acne can lead to acne breakouts and excess skin rash. It’s good to take a break from work to avoid wearing a face mask.

· Dealing with skin rashes

Diaper cream is the most recommended one to get rid of skin rashes. Both skin and diaper rashes are caused by Irritated, sensitive, sore skin in a warm and wet environment. These are some reasons why diaper cream can be ideal to deal with mask acne.

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How to Prevent Mask Acne?

These are some effective preventive measures to avoid maskne from happening in the first place. These steps help ensure you don’t get affected by acne from wearing a facemask.

· Washable masks

Never wash your washable mask with heavily scented softeners or detergents. Always use an unscented fiber-cloth mask to avoid maskne.

· Gentle Fit

Men with facial hair should consider shaving before wearing a face mask as the mask should not touch facial hair. Mask that is touching facial hair can lead to mask acne breakouts.

· Avoid Cosmetics in the Covered Area

Avoiding makeup on a facial area that is not visible can be a good preventive measure from maskne. Unnecessary cosmetics can clog your pores to worsen the damage caused by wearing a face mask.

· A smooth-texture Material

Use a mask that is made of smooth texture and material. These masks help your skin to breathe and stop it from becoming too wet.

· Avoid Formaldehyde and Bronopol

Almost all surgical masks contain bronopol and formaldehyde. Don’t use a surgical face mask if you are allergic to these chemicals as they can cause a reaction.

Final Verdict

Maintaining the right skincare routine along with wearing a face mask can lessen skin irritation and maskne. Go to a dermatologist if these mask acne treatments and preventive measures are not working for you.

Here at EuroMed Clinic Center Dubai, we have a team of experienced dermatologists to deal with maskne. Our experts are professionally skilled and well-equipped to provide you with the best mask acne treatment in Dubai. Book a free consultation right now to deal with this problem.