No more melasma, age spots, sun damage, brown spots, pigmented lesions, and hyperpigmentation because this latest laser device has got you covered.

Its name is PICO Genesis and it represents the culmination of laser machines to provide better and improved skincare.

PICO Genesis treatment

This advanced technique fixes age, sun, and many other skin spots or marks. So what is PICO Genesis treatment how does this treatment improve the skin tone?

This blog post explains what PICO Genesis treatment is and how it works. If you want to improve the tone of your skin, this topic is for you.

What Is PICO Genesis?

If you do not know much about it already, then let us tell you that PICO Genesis is a laser procedure that revolutionizes skin revitalization.

It provides unprecedented improvement to the skin that has age marks, sun damage, pigmentation, and similar aesthetic concerns.

Two innovative wavelengths in ultra-short pulses are combined here to cause a non-thermal and intense remodeling and photomechanical disruption of the upper dermis.

Though it is also used to deliver even skin tone and remove permanent tattoos, the following issues can also be fixed with it:

How Does PICO Genesis Work?

This technology has also become safe; there is no need to be afraid of side effects.

Your professional will expose the problematic skin area to the laser light in such a way that the problem will get fixed, session by session.

What To Expect From A PICO Genesis?

This treatment is now available in most parts of the world. All you need is to visit a provider and discuss how you can benefit from this technique.

Just one session might not be enough; however, the total number of sessions depends on the problem an individual is facing.

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PICO Genesis for Revitalization: The important facts

Wherever you are, PICO Genesis might be nearby you to revitalize your skin economically, safely, quietly, carefully, effectively, and without causing major side effects.
You have read how PICO Genesis treatment can improve your skin texture and tone. If you suffer from skin concerns, why not contact us now and book this treatment.