Going to the dentist is right at the bottom of most people’s lists of favourite things to do, but here at Euromed we do things differently. As you would expect from our outstanding clinic, we have a fully patient-centered approach which takes into account all the health and emotional needs of every member of the family. Whether it’s routine dental check-ups and teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and smile makeovers, or more serious dental work requiring laser treatment, full mouth rehabilitation & implants, your smile will be in safe hands.

Our extremely highly qualified dentist, Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou, is passionate about utilizing the latest technology to create the very best results, and uses the least invasive treatments. She is one of the few Dubai dentists offering the use of full range of dental lasers and Low Level Laser Technology for everything, from the treatment of gum disease, to the management and reduction of pain in the mouth. Dr Sofia believes that dentistry is both a science and an art, and uses our fantastically well-equipped dental department to create outstanding, long-lasting results.

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Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou
General Dentist and Implantologist

A member of the World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry and the International Society of Laser Dentistry amongst others, Dr Sofia is fast becoming a name-to-know in the world of dentistry. Her mission is simple: to fuse science and art in her pioneering clinic which will ensure her patients’ teeth are healthy and so beautiful that they will always want to smile – and her expertise in Digital Smile Design (DSD) is testament to her ethos.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr Sofia is experienced, friendly and very talented. She puts her patients at ease and makes sure she educates them about the treatment. Recommended for her laser treatment. – Bass

I would like to thank Dr. Sofia for her help in such a short time that I was in Dubai for laser treatment on my gums. I have diabetes and have suffered with gum disease, and have been close to losing my teeth, but with her hard work and support I hope that there’s a good chance that I will be able to keep them with the routine that Sofia has suggested for me. Thank you so much Sofia. – Charlotte

I’ve been going to Dr. Sofia at EuroMed clinic to get treatment for receding gums. Something which seemed like a nightmare to me has been transformed into a pleasant, pain-free experience with the new laser treatment. There has been a huge improvement just after 2 treatments!! Dr. Sofia and her staff are very friendly and thorough. They go to great lengths to make the patient feel at ease. I would very gladly recommend her to my friends. – Samina

I am doing really well and what a beautiful work you did specially with my upper tooth, you are such an artist! – Ayman

My face feels lighter and my sinus congestion has improved significantly and I don’t have that metallic taste in my mouth anymore. – Ayman

Hi Sofia , u have 100 watt smile with perfect beauty. May God keep u always like this (happy & properous) amen. I spent almost the whole day at ur clinic without a dry moment. Thanks for being so caring! – Saleha