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Dental procedures are usually painful and require extensive recovery time. But with the help of effective treatment techniques, like Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment, dental procedures have become less invasive. CGF Treatment augments the way different dental procedures work, making recovery quicker and the results more effective. Therefore, Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai is gaining popularity day by day. If you want to undergo a dental procedure and heal faster, consider this treatment. 

What is the Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment?

Concentrated Growth Factor Therapy can be used to accelerate the healing process for dental implant treatments. Since growth factors are potent stimulants for bone regeneration, they are an unparalleled new tool in modern dentistry. Each phase of the CGF treatment has different uses, including:

  • Grafting
  • Filling bone cavities
  • Bone enhancement
  • Protecting regenerated portions of the teeth and gums

Surgical procedures, such as gum rejuvenation, gum lifts, bone augmentation, and other periodontal treatments, have been transformed by this revolutionary technique. It helps facilitate the healing process of any surgeries, including gum depigmentation. It also reduces the pain level as it features a natural painkilling effect.

Aim of the Treatment

Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai helps solve numerous problems after dental implants without adding any foreign chemicals to the body. The CGF treatment makes that all-natural, personalized fantasy the new reality because it uses an individual’s own regenerative abilities. These abilities enhance bone and soft tissue growth, helping the body heal quicker. Generally, this procedure is combined with surgical, dental procedures to expedite the natural healing process.

Technique We Use

The Concentrated Growth Factor Therapy uses the regenerative abilities of the patient’s body. It enhances the growth of bone and soft tissues and stimulates the natural healing process. As a result, the duration between an implant placement and crown fitting becomes shorter and less painful.

Avail Financing


The procedure of CGF Treatment in Dubai is simple and relatively similar to the PRP technique. Below is the step-by-step procedure for this treatment:

  • An expert draws the patient’s blood before starting the procedure.
  • He/she will then separate the concentrated growth factors from the blood sample.
  • In order to separate CGFs, he/she will place the sample into a centrifuge.
  • As a result, he/she will separate the required CGFs from red blood cells. These growth factors improve the growth rate of new bones and soft tissues.

Results and Benefits

The Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment has numerous benefits in different fields, including dentistry. But the most prominent advantage of this treatment is that it makes the healing process quick and pain-free, enabling the hurt parts to subside soon.

Get The Cost

Cost of the CGF Treatments

The cost of Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai is not fixed because it depends on several variable factors, such as:

  • Surgeon’s expertise
  • Clinic’s location
  • Nature of the treatment
  • Number of sessions
  • Technique used

If you want to know the exact CGF treatment price in your case, please call us or fill the online form now.

Consult an Expert

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment has been gaining popularity in the field of dentistry because it helps alleviate pain. If you want to learn more about the CGF Treatment, please feel free to contact us anytime. You can schedule an appointment with our expert dentists by filling the online form or calling our clinic.

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