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The color of our gums tends to vary between individuals. Gums have different colors ranging from pink, red, brown, or black and this is mainly determined by the amount of melanin a person is producing. The more melanin an individual is producing, the darker their gums are. However, for some people, having dark gums can make them self-conscious of their smile leading to low self-esteem and decreased confidence. Gum Depigmentation is a great option for those seeking to have lighter pink gums.

What is Gum Depigmentation (Gum Whitening)?

Gum depigmentation or gum whitening is a cosmetic dental technique that involves removing the pigmented area of the gum, revealing lighter-colored, healthy gum tissue beneath. The procedure is performed on individuals who are embarrassed or unhappy about the appearance of their gums.

Different techniques can be used for this treatment but the most advanced and effective option is Laser Gum Depigmentation. 

Laser gum depigmentation is a simple in-office procedure in which a cosmetic dentist uses a dental laser to target gum areas with excess melanin to lighten them. It is a quick and straightforward procedure that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or bleaches. The gum areas that are not pigmented remain untouched and improvement is visible immediately after the treatment.

Causes of Gum Discoloration

Gum discoloration can be caused by various factors such as:

  • Melanin. Melanin is a substance that is naturally produced by the body that gives the hair, eyes, and skin their color. The more melanin that is produced the darker their hair, eyes, and skin will be. A person having dark gums could be an indication that he/she is producing more melanin.
  • Medication. There are certain medications whose side effect is pigmentation or discoloration, which at times can occur in the mouth.
  • Smoking. Smoking can cause what is known as a smoker’s melanosis or discolored gums. Nicotine in tobacco can increase the production of melanin in the body.
  • Amalgam tattoo. This usually appears next to a filling but can also appear anywhere in the mouth.
  • Genetics. Genetics plays a role in gum pigmentation as people with darker complexions tend to have pigmented gums while those with fairer complexions have pinker gums.
  • Diseases. Certain diseases such as Addison’s disease cause increased melanin production, resulting in pigmented gums. Poor dental hygiene can also lead to inflammation and discoloration of the gums. 

Candidacy Criteria

The ideal candidate for Gum Depigmentation is an individual that is generally healthy and:

  • Has healthy gums
  • Has dark brown or dark-colored gums
  • Does not have thin gum tissues
  • Does not have periodontal disease
  • Is not on blood thinners

Which technique is used?

There are different techniques used for gum depigmentation, and at Euromed Clinic Center our cosmetic dentists use the latest laser equipment to perform Gum Whitening procedures.

Pre-procedure care

During a consultation with our expert cosmetic dentists, you will discuss your concerns and the goals you expect from the gum depigmentation procedure. You will also be provided with some pre-procedure instructions such as:

  • To avail your medical history
  • To undergo a physical examination of your gums
  • Take the recommended medication
  • Discontinue taking alcohol and stop smoking
  • Avoid taking certain drugs such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything a few hours before the procedure


Before the laser gum bleaching procedure, local anesthesia is administered for your comfort. 

The cosmetic dentist then directs a laser beam on the gums. It penetrates the gums and its heat destroys the pigmentation cells. Afterward, the uppermost dark layer of the gum tissues is removed. This results in a new fine layer of light-colored gums.

There is little to virtually no downtime required for this procedure. Apart from the slight discomfort, you will experience a slight burning sensation but this is easily tackled with pain medication. Swelling on the gums may also be present but this settles within a few days. 

A follow-up appointment will be required to keep track of your healing process.

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There are numerous benefits associated with gum depigmentation and they include:

  • Natural-looking results
  • The procedure is precise
  • Little to virtually no downtime
  • One, quick procedure
  • High success rate

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Gum Depigmentation FAQs

How can I naturally bleach my gums?

Salt can be used to lighten dark gums as it keeps them healthy and pink. However, it is better to seek professional treatment to avoid complications and have long-lasting results.

How long does gum depigmentation take?

Depending on the size of the dark patches, the procedure can take between 20 minutes to one hour.

Is gum bleaching painful?

It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not cause significant discomfort but local anesthesia is applied to make you numb during the procedure.

Do the treatments affect my teeth?

No. Gum bleaching does not affect teeth but increases self-confidence for you to smile more.

How long does gum depigmentation last?

The results can last for 20 years or a lifetime.

What are the common tips to avoid gum pigmentation?

Avoid smoking and things that can cause the overproduction of melanin. Also, practice deep oral hygiene.

How much does laser gum depigmentation cost?

The exact cost of gum whitening in Dubai varies from person to person. However, our expert cosmetic dentists can work out your exact cost for the treatment during consultation.

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Dark pigmentation of gums can be intimidating as it can take away the charm of your smile. At Euromed Clinic Dubai, we offer top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry solutions, including gum depigmentation, to help you smile more confidently. For more information or to book a consultation, please fill out the form below.


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