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Non-surgical perio therapy using Waterlase technology from Biolase has made it easier to fix dental problems without needing any surgical intervention.

This page discusses this treatment in detail. Continue reading to know its benefits side effects, costs, procedure, and more.

Non-Surgical Perio Therapy Using Waterlase

It is a safe and effective option that does not cause major or permanent side effects. An expert performs this treatment and removes different dental problems.


This unique treatment comes with multiple benefits for individuals. Notable advantages include but not limited to the following:

  • The risk of cross-contamination is minimal.
  • This cutting-edge method delivers precise results.
  • This option is based on the laser latest technology.
  • The underlying technology is safe and highly effective.
  • This technique does not cause any pain and discomfort.
  • This treatment is based on natural, water-based dentistry.
  • This procedure is simple and convenient than the alternatives.


To be a good candidate of Waterlase treatment, an individual first has to fulfill the criteria set by dental surgeons. You can be a good candidate if the following applies to you:

  • You do not like surgical dental procedures
  • You do not want to get hurt and take off from work
  • You want to fix your dental disease the simplest way

Side Effects

This innovative technology is based on the latest laser technology that puts the safety of the patient centre stage. That is why it is one of the safest options available to curb dental diseases.


A specific Waterlase device from Biolase is used in to perform non-surgical perio therapy using Waterlase. Though this procedure is quite simple, we can still divide it into small steps to make it easy for everyone to understand properly.

  • The professional sweeps tip laterally and vertically to the base of the pocket.
  • The professional now presses the tip against soft tissue to remove epithelium.
  • Waterlase removes diseased soft tissue granulation tissue and reduces bacteria.
  • Now access for debridement will become simple and easier.
  • The professional will now debride using the ultrasonic device.
  • Laser debridement removes calculus and smear layer left by ultrasonic step.
  • Waterlase removes calculus, smear layer and bacteria from root surfaces to encourage fibroblast attachment.
  • Waterlase treatment minimizes inflammation and reduces post-op discomfort.
Avail Financing

Preparation and Care

Prior to opting for this treatment, make sure you discuss your overall health condition with your dentist first to ensure you can take advantage of the treatment.

Aftercare and Follow Up

Aftercare is important for all who undergo this laser treatment. It is important to follow the instructions communicated to you by your professional.

Get The Cost


The treatment cost depends on variable factors that vary from one person to another.

Some of the cost-defining factors include the following:

  • The quality of service and geographic location of the treatment provider
  • The qualification, experience, and reputation of the dental professional
  • The nature of the problem and the goals set for the treatment
  • The number of laser sessions that person has to take

If you have medical insurance, you should check if they cover this procedure under your policy. Do not worry if your health insurance does not cover it because our installment plan (financing) may help you.

To know how much you will have to pay us if you choose us for this treatment, please book an appointment and have our dentist review your teeth.


Is IT painful

No Its not

Any side effect?

NO there is no side effects.

Consult an Expert

If you are interested in this advanced treatment, you should consult an expert to know what kind of benefits you can get by taking it,

The team of professionals working with Euromed Clinic Dubai would love to guide you further. Call us or fill our online form to book an appointment.


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