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Teeth Whitening is a simple procedure during which bleaching solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide, are used to decompose yellow stains on teeth. With the stains broken up, the teeth look whitened or less discolored.

Teeth whitening treatments can be provided in a clinical setting or performed at home. A clinical treatment uses higher-strength bleaching solutions and generally offers better results than home teeth whitening solutions.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

The average cost of teeth whitening treatment in Dubai is 750 AED. The exact price of this treatment varies from case to case depending on several factors, some of which are:

  • Whitening Technique to be Used: Different methods are available to whiten teeth and gums. These methods differ based on the strength of the whitening solution, the way it is being applied to your teeth, and whether it is a clinical or at-home treatment. These factors affect the cost of teeth whitening treatment.
  • Geographic Location of the Clinic or Office: Every city has dentist offices and clinics, but their location is a crucial factor to consider when calculating the treatment price. Generally, a clinic operating in a well-developed region would offer teeth whitening treatment at a higher price due to higher utility costs and other management-related expenses.
  • Qualification and Experience of the Surgeon: The qualification of a dentist is a significant factor in the price estimation of teeth whitening treatment. A highly skilled, expert dentist will most likely charge a higher treatment fee.
  • Number of Sessions Required: The number of teeth whitening sessions required to achieve the desired results primarily depends on how dark and stubborn teeth stains are. Every whitening session adds to the treatment cost, so the total price of the treatment is usually higher when you undergo multiple treatment sessions.

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