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Beauty is power and a smile is its sword. Your smile becomes great if you have white teeth. If they are pale or yellowish, teeth whitening in Dubai can help. If you want to get sparkling teeth, take it today. To book it, please feel free to contact anytime. Continue reading to know how much teeth whitening cost in Dubai.

Teeth Whitening is a Profitable Investment

It comes as no surprise that teeth play an important role in everyday life of all human beings. They help us chew food and speak properly. Moreover, they enhance our smile. There are many benefits of teeth whitening in Dubai; that is why it is worth your money. If you are interested in it, continue reading to know teeth whitening cost in Dubai.

Global Teeth Whitening Cost Trends

If you browse the internet and Google about the cost of teeth whitening treatment, you will be amazed to see that cost changes with the change of geographic location. People question about this anomaly but it is easy to understand why cost varies from person to person.

When we compare teeth whitening cost in Dubai with other major cities in the world, we come to know that people pay less for this dental treatment than that of other prominent cities. Here are price estimates from notable cities in the world:

  • New York City: The price of this treatment ranges from $300 (1,100 AED) to $1000.
  • London: The dental surgeons in London charge $400 (1,470 AED) to $1,300 (4,774 AED) for it.
  • Sydney: The price of this treatment ranges from $400 (1,470 AED) to $550 (2,020 AED) per session.

Please note dollar sign or “$” represents United States Dollar.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

It is true that people pay a lower price when they take a dental treatment in Dubai. The city is known for medical tourism and a marketplace for healthcare procedures is ready to fix any medical, dental, or mental issue. The Euromed Clinic Dubai is a renowned destination of a variety of procedures including but not limited to teeth whitening.

We have seasoned dental surgeons who deliver promising results. Some factors define how much a person has to pay; these factors vary from person to person. Let’s see what major factors that contribute to the treatment’s pricing are:

  • Whitening Technique to be Used: There are different methods available to whiten the teeth and gums. Due to this reason, the total amount that a person has to pay depends on the technique to be used. Mean to say, some technique are cheap and some are expensive.
  • Geographic Location of the Clinic or Office: Every city has dentist offices and clinics but their location is important when it comes to calculate the total price. Some areas are easily accessible but the facilities operating out of those areas have better quality and they charge more than the clinics that are located to a remote location.
  • Qualification and Experience of the Surgeon: When we talk about performing dental treatments, the qualification and experience of the doctor matters a lot. The rule of thumb is; the more the merrier. With that said, it is also true that the people with expertise in a particular domain charge more than those who are new to the field.
  • Number of Sessions Required to Finish Treatment: Some dental procedures can be performed in one session but teeth whitening may require two or more sessions if the teeth are too pale or yellowish. Due to this reason, the treatment will cost more than that of a single session procedure. A person may have to take 2 to 6 treatment sessions for optimal results.
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Medical Insurance and Financing Option

If you have medical insurance, check if your plan covers this procedure. It is important to mention since this procedure is considered as cosmetic, therefore most of insurance providers may not cover it. If you need financial assistance we have a perfect solution for you.

You can avail our treatment financing option that allows people to take treatment just by making a small portion of total cost. The rest of amount will be paid in easy monthly installment. Do not worry; you will pay the same amount that people pay if they make lump sum payment. No mark-up or interest will be charged.

If you are interested to have teeth whitening in Dubai, feel free to contact us anytime to learn more.

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