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The teeth are of vital importance for both our health and our appearance. But, no matter how much we take care of our teeth, cavities and tooth decay can still take place. Teeth Filling in Dubai can resolve multiple dental problems and restore the teeth to their most vital form.

What is Dental Filling?

Despite your best efforts to maintain healthy teeth, some dental issues may still occur. Sometimes, cavities can cause decay in the teeth. To restore the function, appearance, and feel of the teeth, a dentist can use a tooth filling. Dental fillings can be used to repair decayed or broken teeth. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the decayed material in the teeth, clean the cavity, and fill it with a filling material.

Aim of the Treatment

Teeth Gap Filling treatment aims to:

  • treat cavities
  • cure any inflammation
  • remove decayed teeth
  • fill teeth to make them normal
  • improve function and appearance of the teeth

Candidacy Criteria

Some signs indicate that you might be a good candidate for Teeth Filling treatment. The following people are the ideal candidates for a Tooth Filling procedure:

  • Candidates with a seriously infected tooth
  • Those who have mild to moderate tooth decay
  • People who already have had a dental filling but either would like it replaced or need another

Avail Financing

Treatment Techniques

At Euromed Clinic Center, our dentists always use the latest techniques and top-grade equipment for Dental Fillings. For instance, they use tooth-colored fillings made from composite or synthetic resins. Not only are they aesthetically attractive, but they are also a safer alternative to the silver amalgam fillings used previously.

The fillings help hold the tooth together, as the composite resin material bonds to the tooth’s structure. It creates a seal that prevents further decay. Our dentists match the resin with the candidate’s natural teeth color to create a barely visible filling.

The following types of fillings are primarily used:

  • Gold Fillings
  • Ceramic Fillings
  • Amalgam Fillings
  • Composite Fillings
  • Glass Ionomer Fillings

Pre-Procedure Care

Before the Dental Fillings procedure, the dentist will provide some instructions to ensure the candidate’s best possible health. However, there are no strict pre-procedure instructions. Some general instructions are as follows:

  • Maintain your oral hygiene.
  • Brush and floss daily.
  • Clean your mouth with a medicated mouthwash.


The step-by-step procedure for Teeth Filling in Dubai is as follows:

  • Before beginning the procedure, the dentist administers local anesthesia into the treatment area. It numbs the tooth and prevents discomfort during the procedure.
  • After numbing the treatment area, dentist will prepare the decayed or damaged tooth for restoration.
  • The dentist will use a handpiece or a laser device to remove the damaged parts of the teeth.
  • Then, they will use an acid gel to cleanse the teeth for remaining debris or bacteria.
  • After cleaning the teeth, they will apply the filling material to fill the cavity.
  • In some cases, teeth whitening is also carried out in the end to enhance their appearance.

Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, a patient needs to be careful with their Dental Fillings. Usually, the dentist will provide instructions to take care of the teeth after the procedure.


Teeth Gap Filling Treatment offers numerous benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • The procedure is bio-compatible.
  • It bonds to the tooth structure.
  • Teeth filling makes the teeth aesthetically more attractive.
  • The risk of allergic reactions is low.
  • The procedure is safe (mercury-free and metal-free).
  • It preserves a more natural tooth structure.
  • It has minor side effects that subside in a day or two.
  • The procedure takes a short time to finish, and there is no downtime.

Dental Filling Before and After


Get The Cost

Dental Filling Cost in Dubai

The Dental Fillings Treatment cost depends on some variable factors such as:

  • location of the treatment facility
  • the expertise of the doctor
  • the severity of the issue
  • desired results

It means that the Teeth Filling price in Dubai varies from person to person. Tooth Dental Fillings average starting cost in Dubai is 250 to 1500 AED. please note that it depends on the size or area So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know the exact cost of the treatment in your case.

Dental Filling FAQs

How do you fill a tooth?

Dentists use a specific material to fill a tooth. While many options are available, gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, and composite resin are used to fill a tooth in general.

What are white fillings made of?

White fillings or tooth-colored fillings are resin composite fillings made of ceramic and plastic compounds.

How long do fillings last?

The life of a dental filling depends on different factors such as the type of material used, eating habits, and dental care routine. For instance, Gold Amalgam lasts for about 15 to 30 years, Silver Amalgam lasts for about 10 to 15 years, and Composite Resin lasts for about 5 to 7 years.

Can I drink water after tooth extraction?

Some beverages can be harmful after tooth extraction, but water is safe. So, patients should avoid beverages other than water for at least 24 hours.

How long after tooth extraction can I eat?

A person can eat food after tooth extraction. But only soft foods should be eaten for the initial 24 hours. After one day, candidates can eat other foods after consulting the dentist.

Consult an Expert

If you have cavities or a tooth decay problem, Dental Filling in Dubai can solve your problem. Please feel free to contact us anytime by calling us or filling the online form if you have any questions.


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