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Caring for our dental hygiene is essential to prevent teeth and gum diseases. However, no matter how well we clean our teeth, some food particles remain in our mouths. We can clean our teeth thoroughly with a brush or floss but over time, our teeth still suffer from plaque and tartar buildup. While it is possible to remove regular impurities from the mouth, it can be difficult to get rid of hardened impurities. Teeth Scaling and Polishing Dubai is a simple treatment in cosmetic dentistry that provides incredible results.

About Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is of two types, i.e., regular and comprehensive. Regular cleaning constitutes daily brushing and flossing. On the other hand, comprehensive teeth cleaning is a dental procedure that removes hard calcified deposits from the surface of teeth. It loosens the plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth which makes their surface smooth.

Teeth Cleaning Dubai is an effective procedure for removing plaque, tartar, and other impurities from the teeth. As a result of this treatment, candidates get healthier and cleaner teeth safe from gum diseases.

What is Teeth Scaling?

Teeth Scaling Dubai is a comprehensive dental procedure that removes large deposits of calculus or stains on the teeth. Sometimes the procedure is compared to scraping peeling paint from the wall. Generally, the procedure is performed on the surface of the teeth, however, it can also treat roots. Scaling is particularly useful in the case of periodontal pockets formation, i.e., a bacterial infection of gums.


The procedure of scaling usually begins after the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the gums and teeth. It helps avoid discomfort and pain during the procedure. After numbing the treatment area, he/she uses different dental instruments for scaling.

Generally, the dentist uses an ultrasonic instrument that transmits vibrations to the teeth. As a result of these vibrations, the large calcified deposits on the teeth loosen. While sending vibration, this device also delivers a cooling mist of water. It helps wash away the removed tartar particles and also keeps the temperature cool. Moreover, the dentist may also ask the candidate to spit every once in a while, to get rid of any large deposits.

After removing the larger deposits, the dentist will use hand scalers of different sizes to remove the remaining deposits. These scalers help remove particles lodged between teeth and otherwise unreachable locations.

Avail Financing

What is Teeth Polishing?

Teeth polishing is a procedure interconnected with scaling. After scaling, the dentist polishes the teeth to smooth their surface that has been roughed up due to scaling. He/she will use a specialized tool for polishing the teeth. As a result of polishing, the teeth become stain-free, bright, pearly, and aesthetically attractive.


After scaling, the teeth usually become rough and coarse. To make the surface of teeth smooth again, the dentist will polish them with a specialized tool. The tool has a soft rubber cup attached to the end which contains a gritty prophylaxis paste. The dentist will apply gentle pressure on teeth with the specialized tool. As a result, the surface of the teeth becomes smooth and grit-free.

Candidacy Criteria

You are an ideal candidate for Teeth Scaling and Polishing if you:

  • Want to achieve optimum oral hygiene
  • Have started experiencing early signs of a gum or teeth disease, such as bleeding gums
  • Suffer from bad breath
  • Have stained or yellowed teeth
  • Are unable to get the teeth cleaned thoroughly with brushing and flossing

Recovery and Results

Generally, the recovery period is uneventful apart from a few minor side effects. Candidates may feel numbness in their teeth, gums, and overall oral cavity. Moreover, they may also feel discomfort due to keeping the jaw open for a long time. However, these are symptoms of moderate nature and usually subside within 24 hours.

Once the initial side effects subside, candidates will be able to enjoy clean, bright, shiny, and pearly teeth. Some people also combine scaling and polishing with Teeth Whitening to maximize the effects.

Teeth Cleaning Before and After

cleaning (1) before aftersonia-teeth-cleaning (1) before after


Teeth Scaling and Polishing Dubai has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • This procedure helps remove stains from the teeth.
  • It improves yellowed teeth.
  • This treatment helps improve bad breath.
  • It thoroughly cleans, polishes, and whitens the teeth.
  • Regular dental scaling and polishing help prevent several gum diseases.
  • It allows less plaque to build up after the procedure.
  • The procedure removes bacteria and other harmful germs from the teeth’ surface.
  • This treatment improves the health of gums.
  • It improves the overall health of the oral cavity.

Get The Cost

Cost of the Treatment

The price of Teeth Scaling and Polishing is not fixed because numerous variable factors influence the final price. Some of these factors include:

  • Condition of teeth
  • Number of sessions
  • Treatment technique
  • Desired results
  • Dentist’s expertise
  • Clinic’s location

Although the Teeth Scaling and Polishing price in Dubai is not fixed, you can get the exact price from an expert. So, consult an expert to find out the exact treatment cost in your case.

Consult an Expert

If your teeth are stained, or you have a bad breath, maybe it’s time to go for Teeth Scaling and Polishing. So, schedule an appointment with our expert dentists at Euromed Clinic Center. You need to fill the online form or call our clinic to schedule an appointment.


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