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Pediatric Dentistry is an age-defined branch of dentistry that deals with oral health, hygiene, preventive and therapeutic care of children from infancy to teenage. Most parents are confused about some questions such as how to find a pediatric dentist in Dubai? What is the best pediatric clinic in Dubai? When should you take your child to a dentist? How to treat cavities in children? Should you care for your child’s milk teeth? Here are answers to all of your questions and information on how to find a good pediatric dentist in Dubai.

Why is Paediatric Dental Care Important?

No matter whether your child smiles, grins, or puts on a happy face, your child’s smile is something everyone will appreciate. To keep it that way, you will have to take some important steps. Here’s why looking after the teeth of your infant or young one is important:

  • Milk teeth pave the way for permanent teeth. If you don’t take good care of the milk teeth and the gums of your child he/she will most probably end up with miss-aligned teeth and gums.
  • Your child needs dental care after his/her first birthday, many patients don’t know this but it’s very important.
  • The jaw expansion is most effective for infants and children.
  • Orthodontic dental treatment also works best at a young age and for children.
  • Many parents don’t know this but “Dentophobia” (fear from dentists) is one of the most common phobias in the world. Dental treatment from an early age can help deal with this problem.

Who are Paediatric Dentists?

Pediatric Dentists attend dental school for 4 years after getting a degree in dentistry. After becoming general dentists they undergo 2 more years of training to specialize in dentistry for teens and infants. Like periodontics and orthodontics, pediatric dentists also get special training to deal with various dental problems in kids.

Pediatric dentists deal with children-only dental problems that include thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, fluorosis, tooth decay, shark teeth problem, and some preventive measures. Pediatrics are also trained to deal with children who have “Dentophobia” which is a big plus.

Aims and Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

The pediatric dentists will always go the extra mile to build a positive relationship with your child. Having a specialist to diagnose a patient certainly feels right. Here are some benefits of consulting the best children’s dental clinic in Dubai.

  • Get rid of tooth decay in children.
  • Complete diagnosis and treatment for children’s dental problems.
  • The dentist will ensure the best possible dental health for the child.
  • The dentist will create a positive relationship with the child on the first visit.
  • Parents can rest assured that their child will not face any dental problems again for a long time.

Candidacy Criteria

It’s never too early to start visiting a dentist. Beginning a dental health routine that will last a lifetime is always a good option. When your child starts getting milk-teeth or he turns 1 year old, parents should make an appointment with a pediatric dentist.

Preparing your Child for Dentistry Appointment

There are no special requirements for the child or the guardian before visiting a pediatric dentist. Everything will be taken care of at the clinic. Other than that, proper counseling from parents is recommended before the visit. This counseling will help create a positive child-dentist relationship to help with the treatment.

Parents should take the following measures:

  • Parents should counsel their child to follow the instructions of the dentist
  • They can tell them a story about dentists to portray them as heroes
  • Take steps to make their child aware of what to expect from the dentist
  • Select an appointment time when the child is not sleepy or tired

Avail Financing

Treatment & Procedures

Dentists for kids can diagnose and treat most dental problems for children. Some of the most common dental problems in children include:

●     Pediatric Toothache

If your child is suffering from severe or mild toothache it’s always better to consult a child’s dentist. Toothaches can result in bad sleep that affects your child’s health. A dentist can use several procedures, depending on the problem to deal with the toothache. Rinsing with salt water, using a cold compress, and pain medication are some of these procedures.

●     Correcting Improper Bite in Children

Overbite and improper bite can be very frustrating. It can cause internal wounds inside the mouth. A dentist may use X-rays and molds to diagnose and treat this problem with braces.

●     Dental Sealants for Children Teeth

The grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces of a child’s teeth can be home to infectious bacteria. A dentist may seal these grooves using sealants to stop food from getting stuck. This treatment helps prevent tooth decay in children.

●     Child Milk Teeth to Permanent Teeth

Sometimes the milk teeth refuse to give up and need to be manually extracted. It is better to contact a child dentist in Dubai for milk teeth removal, to rid your child of their annoying presence.

●     Sedation Dentistry

If there is a chase that a child might abruptly react during a dental procedure then it’s better to sedate him. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to perform dental procedures on sleeping patients. IV sedation is also an option, it makes the patient drowsy.

●     Cavity Detection In Children

Cavities can lead to tooth decay and may also further spread the infection. Infectious bacteria can also enter the stomach of the child to cause more problems. A pediatric dentist can detect cavities and treat them before they cause tooth decay.

●     Dental Braces for Children

Braces are still the most effective tools to deal with improper bite and overbite problems in children. Braces can also be used for cosmetic reasons to straighten teeth. 7 years or older children and teens can use braces for teeth straightening.

●     Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Baby teeth are important guides to permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are forming beneath your child’s milk teeth. If your child is having severe tooth decay then a root canal treatment should be considered. This treatment will save your child’s permanent teeth from damage.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

Follow the instructions of the dentist to ensure a quick and easy dental recovery. It is always a good practice to give your child some treats after the dental procedure.

Get The Cost

Cost of Paediatric Dentistry in Dubai

The exact cost of child dental treatment in Dubai depends on many factors. These factors include the patient’s location, the doctor’s expertise, and the extent of the problem. This means that the cost varies from person to person. Feel free to contact EuroMed Clinic Dubai, to know the exact cost of treatment.

Paediatric Dentistry FAQ’s

What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist?

A normal dentist is a doctor of oral health with a degree in bachelor’s dentistry. A pediatric dentist is a dentist who has got 2 to 3 years of specialized training to treat children. Pediatric dentists get this training after attending a medical school.

Is pediatric dentistry a specialty?

Pediatric dentistry is a sub-specialty within the dentistry domain. A dentist can become a pediatric dentist after qualifying a 2 to 3 years specialized training program in pediatric dentistry. Please note this kind of dentist can only treat children.

Can Pediatric dentists treat adults?

No, pediatric dentists cannot treat adults because they specialize in treating only children. A general dentist can treat people of all ages. Please note that pediatric dentistry is a specialized area within the dentistry domain that studies oral problems and their solution in children.

Get a Consultation

Euromed Clinic Center Dubai is the best kids-friendly dental treatment provider for children and teenagers. Our expert pediatric dentist in Dubai has extensive experience in child dentistry. They know the techniques and have access to all the latest equipment to deal with all pediatric dental problems.

Visit our clinic or book a consultation right now by filling in the online form for some expert opinion. Delaying treatment for your child’s dental condition will only make it worse.


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