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Losing our teeth can happen due to a variety of reasons such as an accident, disease, or a natural cause. After losing a tooth, a person faces various issues, including but not limited to eating, speaking, and cosmetic concerns. Thanks to dental advancements, dental surgeons now have different options to deliver a fully working tooth in no time. Tooth implants have been considered an excellent option to replace a lost or broken tooth. Although having a tooth implanted was a lengthy process in the past, same-day dental implants have made it easy. Below we have shared all that you need to know about cost-determining factors and how much same day dental implants cost in Dubai.

What are same-day dental implants?

Most people know about traditional dental implants, but same day dental implants are a recent technique. While the primary purpose of both methods is to deliver a fully functional tooth, there are some differences.

In the case of traditional dental implants, the patient has to visit the dental surgeon many times to complete the procedure. However, in the case of same day dental implants, only one day is enough to get the procedure done. This type of tooth implant takes the quickest approach to deliver a fully working tooth.

It is understood that the treatment area will take some time to heal because it is a surgical and invasive technique. But the tooth implanted through this treatment feels and looks similar to a natural tooth.

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Same Day Dental Implants Cost in Dubai

It is true that paying for same day dental implants is a challenge for some people. However, it is also true that this treatment delivers excellent benefits to the individual. The same day dental implants cost in Dubai varies from person to person. It is due to the reason that the price structure depends on various variable factors such as:

  • Type/Position of the Tooth to be Implanted

The first element determining the treatment cost in same day dental implants is the tooth type and position. The dental surgeon will evaluate the cost depending on the type and position of the tooth that needs to be implanted.

  • Number of Teeth to be Implanted

As the number of teeth that need to be implanted grows, the price of the treatment increases. A single tooth implant costs less than three or four tooth implants. 

  • Condition of the Implant Location

The condition of the location where the tooth needs to be implanted also matters when it comes to cost calculation. If the implant site is infected or damaged, it will need to be prepared for the procedure, which will have additional charges.

  • Expertise of the Dental Surgeon

Another prominent factor in the cost calculation of same day dental implants is the surgeon’s expertise, and an expert surgeon charges more than an amateur.

  • Geographic Location of the Provider

The geographic location of the provider or the clinic also matters in terms of cost. Some countries are expensive for dental procedures, and some cities or states are also more expensive than others within each country.

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Medical Insurance and Financing Option

If you have medical insurance, you have to ask the insurance provider whether they cover dental procedures. As a general rule, most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic and dental procedures. However, if you cannot pay the total price immediately and you have no health cover, we have a solution for you.

By availing of our interest-free financing option, you can pay back the loan in easy monthly installments. Please note the total cost of same day dental implants will remain the same in this case.

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If you want to get this procedure, you may need more information besides the same day dental implant cost in Dubai. One of our dental surgeons can assist you if you want to know more about same day dental implants. Please contact us anytime to know how much we charge for it. To book an appointment, you can fill our online form or call our number anytime.


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