The Use of Lasers

Here at Euromed, we are delighted to be at the very forefront of modern dental practice with our use of laser dentistry, which provides exceptionally accurate and effective treatment without any of the pain and discomfort associated with traditional dentistry. Dr. Sofia is a recognized pioneer of laser use in the UAE: with more than 14 years of laser use and recently-added certification for Snore3 treatment, she is undoubtedly the person to trust with all your laser dentistry treatments.

What can lasers be used for?

Lasers are a form of intense, pure, monochromatic light which use energy to penetrate the tissues, causing molecular level changes. Our resident and highly-acclaimed expert can use lasers in a variety of treatments, including:

  1. Pain-free and drill-free ‘drilling’
  2. Tightening the collagen in the soft tissues of the throat to eliminate snoring.
  3. Using different lasers’ wavelengths and special parameters, we can control with the highest precision the effect we want to achieve:
  4. Drilling teeth
  5. Reshaping bone and gums
  6. Removing unwanted tissue
  7. Combating infection by disinfecting microbes (even in infected root canals)
  8. Reduction of edema
  9. Biostimulation for faster healing and inhibition of pain
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In short, the effects are fantastically precise and effective, but most importantly the treatment is gentle and generally far less painful than traditional methods.

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What are the benefits of using lasers in dental treatments?

Significantly reducing the anxiety involved in painful dental visits

  • Lessening the need for anaesthesia
  • Minimising bleeding and swelling
  • Preserving healthy tooth tissue during cavity treatment
  • Reducing post-operative pain and therefore promoting quicker healing
  • Lowering the risk of infection as lasers sterilise at touch, meaning there is no risk of cross-contamination
  • Gum depigmentation

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