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Orthodontics used to be synonymous with fear. However, thanks to medical advancements and the expertise of our resident Dr. Sofia, orthodontic treatment is now painless, comfortable, and virtually undetectable.

Working alongside our team, our resident dentist, Dr. Sofia, can address any dental issues preventing you from achieving a perfect smile, no matter your age.

If you’re someone looking to align asymmetric teeth for an improved smile, Euromed® Clinic is here to help. With the expertise of our top orthodontist in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Laying the foundation for good dental health is crucial for your child. Healthy teeth and gums can save them from a lifetime of dental pain and discomfort. For that purpose, Early Orthodontic Treatment is crucial for building a solid dental foundation and is highly recommended by the American Board of Orthodontics. This treatment primarily aims to reduce the severity of developing dental problems and eliminate underlying causes.


Dentofacial orthopedics goes beyond merely aligning teeth; it’s about guiding facial growth and development. This specialty often focuses on young children, ensuring proper jaw alignment and growth. Our experts use retainers, headgear, and palatal expanders to address various dental concerns, ensuring your jaw structures align harmoniously and set the stage for a stunning smile.


Damon System Braces offers an innovative approach to orthodontics. Featuring self-ligating technology, these braces promise faster treatment times and fewer appointments. Designed for comfort, they reduce friction, allowing teeth to move more effortlessly. Additionally, their clear brackets make them less noticeable. At Euromed® Clinic, we strive to provide a discreet and efficient journey towards a captivating smile.


Misaligned smiles can sometimes affect one’s confidence. At Euromed® Clinic, we address the root causes, whether it’s misalignment, uneven teeth, or jaw discrepancies. Through a mix of orthodontic treatments, dental procedures, and when necessary, surgical interventions, we ensure your smile is not just straight but symmetric and balanced. Embrace your true self and let us assist you in showcasing a perfect smile.


A crooked smile can sometimes dent one’s confidence. Our Crooked Smile Treatment at Euromed® Clinic addresses the root causes, be it misalignment, uneven teeth, or jaw discrepancies. With a combination of orthodontic treatments, dental procedures, and sometimes surgical interventions, we ensure that your smile is not just straight but also symmetric and balanced. Don’t hide behind imperfections; let us help you flaunt a flawless smile.