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Once upon a time, orthodontics was a by-word for fear but thanks to medical advancements and the expert touch of our resident expert Dr. Sofia, orthodontic treatment can be painless, comfortable, and virtually undetectable.

Working alongside and complementing the work of our resident dentist Dr. Sofia, can address any dental issues that prevent you from achieving a perfect smile quickly and easily, whatever age you are!

If you are one of those people who want to align asymmetric teeth for an improved smile, EuroMed® Clinic is here to help you with the help of our best orthodontist in Dubai. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Orthodontics Dentistry

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Early Treatment (between the ages of 8-10)

The teeth are a vital organ for individuals of every age, but they are especially crucial for children under 7-8 years. Many children in this age group develop dental diseases and irregularities that may cause permanent defects. Luckily, early orthodontic treatment is an opportunity to detect any dental issues among children of ages 8 to […]
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Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dental issues are common among people of all ages, but they are prevalent in children. Most children experience teeth misalignment, crooked teeth, and other related issues before they turn 10. An orthodontist can help eliminate most of these problems, but they usually take help from dentofacial orthopedics. Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai is beneficial for treating […]
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Damon System Braces

Misaligned teeth can impact the facial appearance as well as affect chewing and biting. Due to this, the patient feels discomfort while eating and embarrassment while smiling. Previously, misaligned teeth were surgically removed to make them look more aesthetic. However, nowadays, braces have revolutionized the way we treat misaligned teeth. The Damon System Dubai is […]
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Hollywood Smile Design

A confident smile makes a great first impression! The Hollywood smile design can make your teeth attractive and enhance the appearance of your smile. Along with smile design, Hollywood smile makeover is also used as a quick fix to align and shape the teeth. Did you know that not all celebrities are born with bright […]
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Crooked Smile Treatment

A smile can brighten up any face, and a beautiful smile can brighten up an entire room. However, some people do not feel confident when they smile. They may feel their smiles are not pretty, or they could have crooked or protruding teeth, affecting their smiles. Due to these conditions, people avoid smiling in front […]

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