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Crooked teeth are a dental condition referring to the misalignment between the upper and lower teeth when the jaws are closed. It may also be referred to as crowding of teeth. While a mild misalignment may add to your overall facial aesthetics, anything more than that may become a cosmetic concern and cause several dental problems.

Fortunately, multiple crooked teeth treatment options are available to align your pearly whites.

What Causes Teeth to Be Crooked?

The crookedness of teeth can be due to various reasons, some of which are discussed below.

  • Genetics: Crooked or crowded teeth can be a genetic issue. Conditions that children inherit from their parents in this regard include insufficient jaw size, poor jaw shape, hyperdontia, crowding, underbites, overbites, and lack of palate development.
  • Poor oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene is an underrated yet significant reason for crooked teeth. Not paying good attention to your oral or dental hygiene can get you gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. If left untreated, this problem can progress into periodontitis, an advanced and severe form of gum disease. This can cause your teeth to loosen and eventually fall off. The surrounding teeth shift towards the gap left by missing teeth, disrupting the natural teeth alignment.
  • Baby tooth loss: Baby or primary teeth are called placeholders for a reason. They are supposed to remain in place until the permanent teeth take their place. Prematurely losing a baby tooth causes surrounding teeth to slide towards the missing tooth’s area. The resultant crowding interferes with the normal eruption of the permanent tooth, increasing the risk of misalignment.
  • Thumb sucking: The crookedness in your teeth may be because you had sucked your thumb frequently during childhood. This misalignment is usually in the form of overly protruded front teeth.
  • Tongue thrusting: Tongue thrusting is when you press your tongue against your teeth instead of the palate or roof of the mouth when swallowing foods. This habit can lead to crooked teeth over time.
  • Malnutrition: Getting a proper nutrition supply is imperative for developing your bones, muscles, and other body tissues. Not getting the right amount of nutrients can cause developmental problems, affecting the growth of several physical structures, including your teeth and jawbone.
  • Mouth breathing: Breathing from your mouth can cause your tongue not to rest on the palate, leading to your teeth and jaws getting pushed inwards.
  • Trauma: Getting hit on the face during a sport or accident can cause teeth misalignment.

Treatment Options

You can correct crooked teeth with braces, Invisalign, or surgery. Your dentist will diagnose your condition to tell which option is best suited for your case. Let’s have a brief overview of these crowded teeth treatment options.


Braces are dental devices typically consisting of flexible metal wire and brackets that attach to the front of the teeth. After these brackets are attached, the wire is passed through them. Your dentist applies gentle pressure to the wire, causing a shift in the teeth’s position in the desired angle or direction. These minor adjustments are spread out over multiple bi-weekly treatment sessions.

This treatment may last from a few months to a few years, depending on the severity of misalignment.


Invisalign refers to thin, clear teeth-shaped aligners used for teeth straightening. The fundamental function of these aligners is the same as that of traditional braces. However, instead of getting the wire re-adjusted every couple of weeks, you get a new set of aligners that you have to wear on your teeth. These aligners push or move your teeth towards the desired alignment.

Every new set of Invisalign trays causes only minor discomfort, which usually goes away in a short period.

The best thing about clear aligners or Invisalign is that you can take them off any time you want. However, dentists recommend not to remove them except when you eat and sleep.

Teeth Straightening Surgery

Whether you want to lessen the amount of time required to wear braces or need a more involved treatment to reposition your jaws, teeth-straightening surgery can help. This treatment typically involves a surgeon adjusting your gums and bones that support your teeth. You can discuss specific details about this procedure with a dentist during the pre-treatment consultation.

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What are the Benefits of Crooked Teeth Treatment?

Teeth-straightening brings a myriad of benefits to your appearance and health. Let’s outline a few of those benefits.

  • Improved smile aesthetics: The straighter teeth contribute to your facial aesthetics. They improve your smile and help restore self-confidence.
  • Improved oral hygiene: Not only do straight teeth are good to look at, but they are easy to clean. It is pretty understandable how hard it can be to clean each side of your teeth if they are crowded or misaligned. On the other hand, brushing and flossing straighter teeth is more manageable and takes less time. In other words, straighter teeth are generally healthier teeth.
  • Improved gut health: Properly aligned teeth and jaws help you chew your foods well. As a result, your gastrointestinal tract doesn’t have to work too hard to process those foods.
  • Reduced head, jaw, and neck pain: An infamous side-effect of crooked teeth is the increased pressure on your jawbone, joints, and gums. This pressure and stress can lead to head, neck, and jaw pain. Straightening your crooked teeth relieves this pressure and eliminates this pain.
  • Preventing tooth wear: Some teeth protrude and rub with the adjacent or opposing teeth. This causes consistent friction between those teeth, leading to fractures, chips, and worn-out tooth enamel. With teeth-straightening treatments, you can eliminate these risks for good.

Crooked Teeth Treatment Before and After

before-after-crooked-teeth-treatment1Crooked Smile Treatment Before and after1Crooked teeth Treatment before and after

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Crooked Teeth Treatment FAQs

How can I permanently fix my crooked teeth?

You can straighten your crooked teeth with braces, a treatment that may last a few months to a few years. Alternatively, you can choose teeth-straightening surgery, which involves gum and bone repositioning to put all your teeth into an alignment.

What is the cost of Invisalign?

The average starting price of Invisalign treatment is 8000 AED, and the final cost of this treatment depends on the amount of correction required.

Are braces painful?

Braces usually cause discomfort at the start and when you get their wire re-adjusted. This discomfort is temporary and lasts only a few days.

What is the best age for braces?

Braces are best suited for children between 9 and 14. However, adults with crooked teeth can also get braces to achieve a straight smile. You can discuss your candidacy for this treatment during a consultation with a dentist.

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