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Misaligned teeth can impact the facial appearance as well as affect chewing and biting. Due to this, the patient feels discomfort while eating and embarrassment while smiling. Previously, misaligned teeth were surgically removed to make them look more aesthetic. However, nowadays, braces have revolutionized the way we treat misaligned teeth. The Damon System Dubai is an advanced way of treating misaligned teeth using the latest innovative technology. Please keep reading to learn about the procedure, benefits, results, cost, and more.

What is the Damon System?

The Damon System is a revolutionary way to straighten misaligned teeth. However, unlike conventional braces, Damon braces deliver a natural-looking smile. They do so by using gentle forces to keep the gums and teeth protected during the procedure.

According to studies, a fuller smile having a wider arch appears more attractive. So, the Damon System delivers an arc-shaped smile with upright teeth at the end of the treatment.

This orthodontics treatment uses innovative technology and consists of three components, which straighten the teeth quickly and comfortably. Moreover, this system is designed to create your ideal smile while lessening the adverse effects of wearing braces.

Aim of the Treatment

The Damon System treatment aims to:

  • Deliver faster teeth alignment results
  • Make the teeth attractive and symmetric
  • Treat the issues left by orthodontic treatment

Candidacy Criteria

Generally, an expert determines the candidacy of each individual before the procedure. The ideal candidates for Damon braces in Dubai are those who:

  • Need braces but want quick results
  • Wish to avoid more invasive treatment options
  • Are unhappy with the placement of their front teeth
  • Have had orthodontic treatment in the past that is now relapsing

How does it work?

Unlike the more invasive and painful options, the Damon System Dubai offers a less invasive method of teeth realignment. It uses biologically sensitive forces to move the teeth into the desired position gently. The use of passive self-ligating braces eliminates the need for metal or elastic ties, which means no painful tightening process. Moreover, the light, high-technology shape-memory wires move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments.

The recovery time is very short, and aftercare is easy. However, patients must follow the orthodontist’s guidelines to get better results.

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The Damon System for braces has a number of benefits. Some benefits of Damon braces in Dubai are as follows:

  • The procedure is gentle and safe.
  • It is a quick treatment with significantly noticeable results.
  • The treatment does not require any headgear.
  • No dental extractions are needed.
  • It is easier to clean for better oral hygiene.
  • It is more comfortable and causes less pain.

Damon System FAQs

How long do the Damon braces take?

The time varies from person to person because different people have different levels of problems. On average, Damon System treatment duration is one year and eight months (20 months).

Do Damon braces widen your smile?

The usage of the Damon braces system can widen your smile by widening the dental arch and jaws. However, an orthodontist can provide a personalized view in this regard.

Are the Damon braces less painful?

Damon braces are based on a self-ligating mechanism that makes them adjustable. This way, your orthodontist does not have to apply elastic ties to hold the archwires. As a result, these braces do not cause as much pain as traditional braces.

What’s the difference between Damon braces and regular braces?

There are similarities and differences between regular braces and Damon braces. One main difference is that Damon braces are self-ligating braces; they can adjust automatically and move teeth regularly. They do not collect harmful bacteria and are also easier to clean, unlike traditional braces.

Cost of Damon System

The cost of the Damon System varies from person to person due to a number of variable factors. Some general cost-determinants for Damon System cost in Dubai are as follows:

  • Condition of the teeth
  • Number of sessions
  • Desired results
  • Clinic’s reputation and location
  • Orthodontist’s expertise

The Euromed® Clinic Center offers this treatment at a reasonable price. However, only an expert can determine the exact treatment cost for each individual. You can contact us to find out the exact cost in your case.

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Damon System of Braces is an innovative treatment to get the smile you have always dreamed of. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to achieve your perfect smile, look no further than the Damon System in Dubai.

Always a pioneer in the field of orthodontics, our doctors are knowledgeable in new and innovative treatments for misaligned teeth. So, call Euromed® Clinic Center now for a consultation to learn more about the Damon System. You can fill the online form, call our clinic, or visit us to schedule an appointment with our experts.


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