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Dermoscopy is a technique used in dermatology to examine the appearance of the skin in order to determine if there are any irregularities. Although useful for the diagnosis of many skin conditions, Dermoscopy is particularly helpful in the diagnosis of melanoma (skin cancer) through the examination of moles.

How Does it Work?

A handheld device that combines strong magnification and good lighting allows seeing the diagnostic details as structures, color, shape, and irregularities that lay under the surface of the skin which is normally invisible to the naked eye.

After an accurate mole mapping is produced, any changes in the moles are detected and quickly pass on any worrying signs onto the next stage of diagnosis, a biopsy or excision with histopathology.

Why should you evaluate your moles?

Dermoscopy has revolutionized the diagnosis and screening of skin cancer and other diseases. It uses a high polarized light which enables the surgeons to see beneath the surface of the skin which helps to avoid unnecessary biopsies. A mole that looks normal to the naked eye may have a pattern inside and out. The dermoscopy has been made as a standard to evaluate the moles or the skin cancers.

Is treatment painful?

Dermoscopy is a completely pain-free and non-invasive procedure

Benefits of Dermoscopy

  • A few examinations have shown that dermoscopy is helpful in the recognizable proof of melanoma when utilized by specialists.
  • It might be up to 35% more exact than the clinical conclusion
  • It might decrease the number of favorable sores extracted
  • In essential care, it might bring about the referral of more suspicious sores and less hackneyed ones

New clients may lamentably turn out to be less exact at a determination as to start with, incomprehensibly expanding the number of superfluous extractions.

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How to Prepare for the Treatment?

  • Avoid using any facial or skin care products one week before the treatment.
  • Abstain from wearing makeup, nail polish and skin tanning products for a week prior to treatment
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure as this can cause moles to look a bit different
  • Wear loose clothes on the day of the treatment.

What does the appointment include?

Consultation: A point by point restorative conference will happen and hazard factors for skin diseases including melanoma will be talked about.

Examination: All zones of the skin will be inspected with the exception of the genital regions. Patients are unequivocally encouraged to check these zones previously experiencing the examination and inform Doctor with respect to any moles show at these locales. This is imperative as melanoma can happen at any skin site.

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Dermoscopy Mole Evaluation FAQ’s

When will I see the results?

You will be given the outcomes of the Dermoscopy examination few hours after the procedure.

How long the examination takes?

It only takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

Is the procedure invasive?

It is totally a non-invasive method and depends on the optics and microscopy.

How often should I get examinations?

Depends upon your personal assessments and the risk factors

What would it be a good idea for me to do if a mole changes before I am expected for my next examination?

It isn't extraordinary for moles to change, or new injuries to create, between visits. We in this way prescribe you check your skin at regular intervals. If you don't mind get in touch with us promptly on the off chance that you see any progressions. Tap on this connects to get data on the best way to check your skin.


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