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The skin lesion is a part of the skin’s surface that grows abnormally and seems different from other parts of the skin. Excision involves the surgical removal of the skin lesions.

What is the Purpose of excision?

You may have to necessarily remove skin lesions due to following reasons.

  • The lesions are larger in size and you feel uncomfortable
  • Those lesions could also be cancerous and if it is not removed at earlier stages, it may spread and become fatal
  • To correct appearance
  • Compromise the immune system that influences the skin
  • Contamination of skin

How to Prepare?

You will have a pre-op meeting with your doctor who will guide you exactly how to get prepared for the treatment. During this, the doctor will examine your condition and evaluate your medical history and recommend what measures you need to take in advance of the treatment. This might include:

  • Abstain from taking blood thinners to avoid any bleeding during the procedure
  • Avoiding any cosmetic product, topical medications on the area of skin before undergoing the procedure.
  • Stop alcohol consumption a week before the treatment

How is it Done?

  • Initially, the area of concern will be cleaned with antibiotic fluid.
  • A local anesthesia will be administered to ease from any discomfort
  • Sterile techniques are used to remove the skin lesions
  • Wounds are sealed using stitches
  • On the occasion, if the removed lesions are larger in size, the skin graft can be utilized to cover the wounded area.
Avail Financing

The procedure is normally done at the doctor’s clinic and doesn’t require you to stay a night in the hospital. Depending on the type of technique, the most patient normally comes back to their routine after a week. However, in some cases, it takes more time to recover. There are 4 ways to perform the surgery.

  1. Shave Excision
  2. Scissor Excision
  3. Cryotherapy
  4. Laser Treatment

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Post-op Instructions

  • Use prescribed products to ease the pain
  • Abstain from showering and taking the bath until the wounds are recovered completely
  • Apply the instructed antibiotic regularly
  • Do not take any medications that are not prescribed

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

You are suitable for treatment if:

  • You have an irregularity, sore or a zone of skin that isn’t like any part else of your body.
  • The skin lesion is causing you agony or uneasiness.
  • You are in good health.

Where the Surgery is Performed & Who Performs it?

The skin lesion excision surgery will be performed by a board-certified surgeon either at the clinic or in an operating theatre.

Excision of Skin Lesions FAQ’s

What are the Risks of the Procedure?

As with any surgery, there are risks such as:
• Uncontrolled bleeding
• Wounds can catch infections if the care is not taken
• Anesthesia difficulties but in rare cases

How Long is the Recovery Period?

It varies from a patient to patient depending on the severity of the wound.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The procedure takes between 20-60 minutes.

Is it Painful?

You may encounter a slight shivering during treatment due to the use of a chilled sapphire tip which cools skin for the procedure.

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