Our hands bear the brunt of our day-to-day lives and can suffer greatly as a result. We spend a lot of time and money ensuring our skin, hair and nails look their best, but often our hands are neglected. A wide variety of skin conditions can add to the appearance of aging in the hands, but the Euromed Clinic Center has several treatments available to combat these issues and rejuvenate your hands to their former youthful appearance.

What conditions can cause aging of the hands?

  • Age Spots
  • Loss of volume and fat padding that results in sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Prominent veins
  • Changes in contour

When to Consider Hand Rejuvenation

  • If your hands have noticeable veins and ligaments due to volume misfortune
  • If your hands are wrinkled and thin
  • If your hands have age spots
  • If you have done your research and are ready to better your hands through given treatments

Candidacy for hand rejuvenation?

Following are the reasons that make you the ideal candidate for hand rejuvenation

  • You have prominent veins and ligament in your hands due to high volume loss
  • You have wrinkled and thin hands
  • You have age spots on your hands
  • You want to improve the skin tone and color of your hands

If you are in a good state of health and have reasonable desires regarding the treatment, you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

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What treatment options are available for Hand Rejuvenation?

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is considered by many to be the most effective method of skin rejuvenation. The technique directs concentrated pulsating beams of light that are directed to the target areas of the hands, and can dramatically improve the appearance of age spots and other concerns including pigmentation and laxity.

Chemical Peel

This rejuvenation treatment involves a chemical solution being applied to the skin of the hands, which causes it to blister and eventually peel off. The new and regenerated skin that is revealed leaves your hands looking youthful and healthy.

Injectable Fillers

When skin has lost its volume, injecting fillers can be an immediate and effective way to regain the youthful plumpness that has been lost. After the fillers have been injected, your hands are then massaged to ensure an even spread of the injected filler or the best possible outcome. Your hands will be left looking youthful, smooth, with veins that are less prominent.

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Mesotherapy / PRP

 By using either a blend of antioxidants and vitamins or PRP (plasma rich platelets) from your own blood, Mesotherapy is designed to stimulate collagen and boost hydration. Several fine needles inject the customized solution under the skin and directly target the specific areas that require repair and rejuvenation. This effective treatment option reverses the signs of aging in the hands and leaves skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Consultation at EuroMed Clinic

Our hands are often the most exposed parts of our body, and as a result, they are vulnerable to dry skin, sun damage, and poor hydration. They say that hands are a true indicator of age, so if you want to display youthful and healthy looking skin then consider a Hand Rejuvenation treatment with Dr. Irena. Call Euromed today for a consultation, and through a variety of treatment options, Dr. Irena will be able to minimize the signs of aging and restore your hands to their former youthful condition.

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