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Hemangiomas are unnatural skin growths caused by blood vessels. These normally occur during infancy or at the time of birth. Hemangiomas can be found on the skin or in the internal organs and appear similar to strawberry marks.

How do they develop?

Hemangiomas are formed when there is the rapid growth of blood vessels at any part of the body. It is thought that this happens due to the production of protein in the placenta during gestation. They are formed at the outermost layer of the skin or in the underneath layer, known as subcutaneous layer. Moreover, they can occur in the liver as well.


Hemangiomas don’t ordinarily cause symptoms but these burgundy-shaded skin pigmentations may negatuvely impact your appearance and therefore your self-confidence.

Treatment options

There are several options for hemangiomas treatment in Dubai.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment being the best option for hemangiomas it completely erases the skin lesion or growths by breaking them. This is very simple and easy procedure that requires no anesthesia.

Topical treatments

Your doctor may prescribe you some topical gels and creams during a subsidiary treatment.


If any non-invasive treatments don’t suit your condition, you may need to undergo a surgery to remove these skin growths. Surgery has quick results but it may induce discomfort and distress.

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Corticosteroid medicines

These are directly injected into the hemangiomas to reduce its growth and effect.


Right after the procedure you may experience slight tingling sensation and swelling in the treated areas. These after signs stay there for few days and vanish away by themselves. Ask your specialist for more information.

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Benefits of laser treatment

The laser treatment is non-invasive and safe yet results produce by it are at par with a surgical treatment. More benefits include

  • It is safe and sound treatment
  • Does not involve incisions or cutting
  • Have minimal recovery period
  • Less downtime

Hemangiomas Treatment FAQ’s

Are hemangiomas cancerous growths?

No, these are non-cancerous growths

Is the treatment painful?

All non-surgical treatments are safe and secure that do not induce any pain.

Who is the candidate?

Anyone who is suffering from hemangiomas and does not have other skin illnesses is a candidate to undergo hemangiomas treatment in Dubai.

Will they come back after the treatment?

In most cases, hemangiomas do not come. But in the event, if they appear to grow back on the skin, the sufferer needs to undergo several follow-up procedures.

Hemangiomas Treatment in Dubai

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