Liquid face lifting

Ageing is an inevitable process for all of us, but when we still feel youthful on the inside it can be upsetting not to have an outer look that reflects this. Most people when they hear ‘facelift’ think of a procedure that is painful, expensive, and requires months of downtime. Liquid Face Lifting is the revolutionary non-surgical alternative that offers all the benefits of a traditional facelift without the extreme negative impacts.

What happens during a Liquid Face Lifting procedure?

During this procedure, Dr Irena will inject liquid fillers into the upper cheeks, jowls and other areas of the face. The specific type of filler will depend on the facial area that is being targeted, and each of the fillers will require a separate syringe. This treatment demands the efforts of a highly skilled and knowledgeable dermatologist, and with Dr Irena you will receive this level of professional care.

What are the benefits of the Liquid Face Lifting procedure?

  • Fast – This procedure requires minimal preparation time, and typically lasts only 30-minutes long.
  • Less Downtime – Surgical facelifts can result in painful months of recovery, whereas with Liquid Face Lifting the maximum effects are only 1 week of swelling and bruising.
  • Effective – Results are immediate, with many patients reporting looking 7-9 years younger after the treatment. The liquid filler dramatically and quickly improves facial volume, smoothens out wrinkles, and creates the illusion of a surgical facelift.
  • Long Lasting – Although a Liquid Face Lifting treatment is not a permanent solution, results can last up to 2 years depending on the fillers used and how often the treatment is boosted.

If you want to look and feel younger without an extreme and invasive surgical option, then Liquid Face Lifting is the treatment for you. Using her renowned expertise, Dr Irena can restore your skin’s naturally young and healthy appearance. Call Euromed today to book a consultation, and discover the amazing benefits of the Liquid Face Lifting treatment.

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Qualified in Dermatology and Venereology, Dr. Irena boasts more than nine years of experience in out-patient treatments with various dermatological cases and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure. During her studies at the Medical Faculty, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Dr Irena was very active in HERA (Health Education and Research Association) team, which influenced her professional and personal development and inspired her love and commitment to continued learning. As a devoted doctor, Dr Irena keeps up-to-date with the latest world trends in dermatology and venereology and frequently collaborates and studies with some of the world’s most…
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