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Hair fall can occur at any stage, and treatment for weak hairs is equally possible. Among the contemporary treatments for hair loss, mesotherapy in Dubai is also becoming popular for nourishing new hair growth and enhancing scalp health. But does it actually work? Let’s find out.

What is Mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy for hair loss, also known as mesohair or hair rejuvenation, is a non-invasive injectable treatment. In this process, a qualified dermatologist, trichologist, or trained plastic surgeon injects specially designed solutions into the target area to nourish hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation, and improve the overall health of the scalp and hair.

Ingredients of mesotherapy injection for hair loss

Mesotherapy injection for hair loss includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, medications, and other beneficial substances. These substances are injected into the middle layer of the skin with the help of a fine needle. 

What are the Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss? 

Mesotherapy is a less painful treatment. By targeting the root causes of hair loss and promoting cellular rejuvenation, mesotherapy endeavors to:

  • Encourage hair growth
  • Increase hair thickness
  • Enhance the quality of existing hair 
  • It helps in relieving damaged tissues in the scalp
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the scalp
  • Reduce inflammation

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy can be carried out for several purposes, such as skin rejuvenation, cellulite, and other treatments. Therefore, the candidacy criteria should be designed according to the concerned treatment. An ideal candidate for mesotherapy for hair loss might include:

Early Stage Hair Loss: Those who are in the initial stages of hair loss often benefit the most. The earlier the treatment is started, the more effective it tends to be.

Pattern Baldness: Individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness, which is a hereditary condition that affects both men and women, can consider mesotherapy.

Diffuse Hair Thinning: People who have an overall thinning of hair across the scalp, rather than complete bald patches, may see benefits from the treatment.

Alopecia Areata: While mesotherapy can be considered for this autoimmune condition, results can vary.

Good Overall Health: As with many treatments, those in good health often see the best results. Any underlying scalp infections or other health issues should be addressed before considering mesotherapy.

Realistic Expectations: It’s essential for candidates to have realistic expectations. While mesotherapy can help reduce hair loss and promote growth, it might not work for everyone or give the same degree of results in all individuals.

No Allergies to Components: Before undergoing the procedure, the candidate should be screened for any allergies to the ingredients used in the mesotherapy solution.

Mesotherapy Procedure


First of all, you will need a one-to-one initial consultation with a dermatologist or trichologist to determine the cause of your hair loss and a suitable treatment for it. If your doctor recommends mesotherapy, then you need to prepare yourself for the treatment. 


On the day of the treatment, your healthcare provider will clean your scalp with an antiseptic solution. Keeping your comfort in mind, they might apply local anesthesia or a numbing gel to the scalp.


A cocktail of nutrients, vitamins, and other beneficial ingredients is prepared. The exact mixture can vary based on the patient’s individual needs.


After that, the solution will be injected into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm), using a fine needle. 

The injections are done at intervals of about 1 cm across the affected areas.

Post-procedure Care:

You will be advised to avoid washing your hair for at least a day after the treatment.

You must also avoid direct sun exposure, saunas, and strenuous exercise for a couple of days to ensure proper recovery. 

Follow-up Sessions:

Multiple sessions are often required to achieve noticeable results. The exact number can vary based on individual needs.

Initially, treatments might be done weekly or bi-weekly. Once results are observed, sessions can be spaced further apart.

Results and Maintenance:

You may notice reduced hair loss and improved texture within a few sessions.

Maintenance sessions are often recommended every few months to maintain and enhance the results.

Potential Side Effects of Mesotherapy 

As with any procedure, there can be side effects. These may include pain at the injection site, itching, bruising, swelling, and infection.

It’s essential for the patient to discuss any concerns or allergies with the doctor before undergoing the treatment.

Cost of Mesotherapy for Hair in Dubai

The starting cost of mesotherapy for hair in Dubai is AED 650 per session. The actual cost can vary depending on the geographical location of the clinic, expertise of the doctor, and number of sessions. Moreover, sometimes, prominent clinics announce offers on hair treatments so you need to keep yourself aware of that. 


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