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Different cosmetic treatments are available to rejuvenate and resurface facial skin. One popular option for skin rejuvenation is vampire facial treatment, which is easy to take and delivers effective results. It is an easy, safe, short, and effective method for facial skin rejuvenation that does not cost much. However, a number of people are not aware of how much a vampire facial cost in Dubai. Below, we have shared the average cost of this procedure along with different cost-determining factors.

What is Vampire Facial?

Vampire facial is a unique and practical approach to overcome different skin problems. It uses a special technique known as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. This therapy uses the PRP extracted from the blood of the same person.

In this skin rejuvenation method, the PRP or platelet-rich plasma is injected to the facial skin with the help of a micro-needle. The PRP boosts healing and makes the skin more radiant. Moreover, the procedure helps rejuvenate the skin by making it smoother and tighter.

Vampire Facial Cost

Cost of Vampire Facial in Dubai

It is worth mentioning that many clinics across the UAE offer vampire facials. However, the cost of this skin rejuvenation method varies from provider to provider because, generally, the cost depends on different variable factors. For example, the price depends typically on the:

  • facial condition
  • professional’s expertise
  • clinic’s location
  • number of sessions
  • other factors

Although the average vampire facial cost in Dubai starts at about 2750 AED, the following factors usually define the exact treatment price:

  • Facial Condition

The first factor that affects the treatment cost is the facial condition of the patient. If the face does not need too much work, the procedure will cost less. However, if the skin is highly dull with dead skin cells, the procedure will cost more.

  • Number of Sessions Needed

Some people have more than one skin problem, so two or more sessions are required to address all issues. The clinic will charge extra for additional vampire facial sessions. So, the more the sessions, the more the cost.

  • Expertise of the Professional

The professional’s qualification, training, and experience play a vital role in calculating the treatment price. It means the fee of an expert dermatologist is higher than the fee of a trained professional.

  • Geographic Location of the Facility

The location of the clinic also matters in terms of cost calculation. The healthcare facilities located in some areas in Dubai have excellent quality standards, due to which they charge more than other clinics.

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