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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi MD

The Vampire facial is an unusual skin rejuvenating cosmetic procedure which utilizes the patients own blood to replenish the skin. Also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the procedure is different from vampire facelift as it does not include any syringing. However, the PRP particles are spread over the skin and the fine needles make pores for those particles to enter the skin’s surface.

How Does it Work?

The procedure starts from taking a sample of blood from the patient. That sample is then inserted into a special apparatus to separate the PRP from it. The separated PRP has the higher growth factors than all the other blood of the body. Small needles are used to create tiny pores on the surface of the skin to make a way for PRP to enter the skin’s surface. The obtained PRP is then spread over the skin and that reach the inner surface of the skin through pores. This enhances the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin.

Who is The Ideal Candidate?

Anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin without surgery. Everyone with good health and no skin allergies can undergo the vampire facial treatment. Following are the conditions that make you the ideal candidate for the procedure.

  • Individuals who are seeking to rejuvenate their skin
  • People who are willing for the natural looking results
  • Who have mild to moderate signs of aging
  • Candidates who have realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Candidates who have fine lines and wrinkles on their skins
  • Individuals who have acne and surgical scars

Is the Treatment Painful?

Since it is a non-invasive procedure, it has no pain associated with it. However, some patient may feel slight discomfort which can be overcome by administering an anesthesia.

What to Expect?

During the procedure, the nurse will take a sample of blood from your body and place it in a centrifuge with an intention to separate the PRP from the blood. A numbing cream will be applied over the face for few minutes.

The clinician will wipe off the numbing cream and focus on the patient’s face in zones by rubbing the PRP onto the face and disregarding each segment with a micro pen to make smaller scale channels for the PRP to enter all the more profoundly into the skin.

The thought is the microchannels act as wounds, provoking your skin to deliver additional collagen to repair itself. The small-scale channels take into account the better entrance of PRP, or in some cases, the micro pen utilized as a part of conjunction with unadulterated hyaluronic corrosive or development factors.

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Pre-Procedure Instructions

  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment
  • In order to avoid the blood draw during the procedure, abstain from taking blood thinners for 1 week before the procedure
  • Avoid smoking for a while
  • Talk to your doctor about any medical history or allergies at the pre-op meeting.

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Post-Procedure Instructions

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least two days after the treatment
  • Increase the use of hydrating products
  • Abstain from taking any Alpha-Hydroxy products
  • Avoid applying regular makeup for few days after the procedure
  • Do not scratch your skin as this can cause scarring
  • Take rest from work routine for at least one week
  • Stay hydrated

Vampire Facial FAQ’s

Why Vampire Facial is Beneficial?

• The treatment tends to improve the skin texture and enhance the collagen production.
• It removes acne and surgical scars
• Act as a healing agent

What conditions can be cure with Vampire Facial?

• Aging and sagging skin
• Dull and poorly toned skin
• Acne and surgical scars
• Marks on the skin

How many sittings are needed?

A single treatment can enhance the skin texture to a great extent. However, we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments to get the maximum results out of the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

There are not many side effects associated with the treatment but a slight tingling and discomfort can be felt for first 2-3 days after the procedure.

Is there any difference between vampire facial and vampire facelift?

Vampire Facial
• Vampire facial includes the insertion of PRP into the skin through micro-needling and there are no injections
• Almost non-invasive treatment
• Results take 2-3 weeks to appear
Vampire facelift
• Vampire Facelift Includes Injections
• Percutaneous treatment
• Quick Results


If you want to rejuvenate your skin to look younger and fresher, the vampire facial treatment is the best option for you. At Euromed, we offer you a consultation to discuss all the possible remedies for your skin concerns. Our senior Dermatologist will examine your skin condition and advise you the best compatible treatment for your condition.


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