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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi MD

Warts are small skin growths caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They have a rough and bristle texture and appear anywhere on the skin. Generally, they are harmless and do not cause any pain, but some may cause slight discomfort. Warts usually cause discomfort when they appear on sensitive parts of the skin. Although they are harmless and non-cancerous, their removal is necessary because they are contagious and may spread to other body parts. Moreover, they can also grow in size if left untreated. Wart Removal Dubai offers some safe and effective treatment options for removing warts on the skin.

Aim of the Treatment

Wart Removal Dubai aims to:

  • Remove warts through the most suitable technique
  • Eliminate discomfort, irritation, or pain caused by warts
  • Reduce the chance for warts to spread on the body
  • Prevent warts from growing in size
  • Remove warts without leaving any scars

Candidacy Criteria

Anyone suffering from warts can be a candidate for Laser Wart Removal. Although an expert can determine candidacy, some general points are as follows:

You can be a good candidate for Warts Removal Treatment if you:

  • Have one or more warts on any body part
  • Suffer from bleeding warts
  • Experience pain or discomfort due to warts
  • Suffer from skin irritation due to warts
  • Have warts spreading all over the body

Machine We Use

The Euromed Clinic Center always uses the latest and most advanced equipment for all treatments. For Laser Wart Removal, we use DEKA SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser.

Treatment Techniques

Warts can be irritating and spread to different parts of the body. While most warts may fall off naturally over time, getting them removed to stop their spread is better. Wart Removal Dubai uses different techniques to remove warts successfully.

Some commonly used treatment techniques are as follows:


Cantharidin is a fatty substance belonging to the terpenoid class. It is naturally produced by different species of blister beetles and serves as a blister agent or vesicant. This colorless and odorless fluid is applied to the wart, and it creates a blister under it. As a result, the wart becomes dead, and it is easily removed. Cantharidin is beneficial for removing one or two warts and especially safe for removing genital warts.


Cryotherapy, also known as freezing, is a cosmetic procedure that includes frosting a wart using an exceptionally chilly substance. Generally, argon gas or fluid nitrogen is used. During the treatment, a medicinal expert applies the mixture onto the wart through a cotton swab. After this, dead tissues will fall out, usually within a week. This treatment is most suitable for planters (foot) wart treatment.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel performed with Salicylic acid is a viable treatment to dispose of warts. Salicylic acid is essentially a keratolytic prescription. Therefore, it can break the protein that makes up the wart and the thick layer of dead skin surmounting it. If a chemical peel is used in combination with cryotherapy, it can give excellent outcomes.

Laser Treatment

For more prominent warts, Laser Wart Removal Treatment can be the perfect remedy. During the procedure, a specialist will administer local anesthesia to the treatment area. After numbing the skin, he/she will use intense laser beams to consume and decimate the wart tissues. The laser goes through the upper layer of the skin – the dermis. It executes the tiny veins that nourish the wart close to the dermis – the skin’s center layer. It targets the wart to the point that it falls off.

Avail Financing

Pre-Procedure Care

Our dermatologist will survey your medical history during your initial visit. They will also outline treatment options and guide you about the selected procedure. He/she will also provide pre-procedure and post-procedure guidelines. Candidates should follow the following general instructions before undergoing Laser Wart Removal:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and always use sunscreen when going out.
  • Stop using skin products containing retinoids.
  • Avoid using acne medications before the treatment.
  • Do not undergo any skincare treatment for at least a month before warts removal.

Post-Procedure Care

After Wart Removal Dubai Treatment, candidates should follow the dermatologist’s instructions. Some general post-procedure instructions are as follows:

  • Keep avoiding excessive sun exposure.
  • Always wear sunscreen when going out.
  • Only use the prescribed medications and ointments.
  • Avoid unnecessarily touching the treatment area.
  • Avoid using skin care products containing harsh chemicals.

Recovery and Results

The recovery after Wart Removal is quick and uneventful. Candidates may experience mild pain or discomfort during this period. Moreover, some temporary scarring may also occur, but it will not last more than a few days.

In the case of Laser Wart Removal, the results are generally permanent, preventing the regrowth of warts.

Warts Removal Before and After

Plantar-wart-before-after1 (1)warts-removal-dubaiwart removal dubai befor after1Benefits

Laser Wart Removal Dubai is a highly beneficial treatment. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • The treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive.
  • There are no permanent side effects.
  • The results are instant and permanent.
  • It helps reduce pain and discomfort caused by warts.
  • The procedure prevents warts from spreading.

Warts Removal Treatment FAQ’s

Is the treatment painful?

Our specialists can apply some desensitizing cream to the area before treatment to ensure maximum patient comfort.

How many sessions are required?

Commonly, a single session is enough for removing warts, however, in the severe cases, you may need to undergo multiple sessions to remove them completely.

Are there any side-effects?

Side-effects are exceptionally uncommon with this treatment.The treatment are may scab and seem red, yet this is normal and will subside within 14 days.

Side Effects

Laser Wart Removal Treatment has no permanent side effects. However, some temporary side effects may occur, including:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Flaking
  • Blisters

These side effects usually subside on their own within a day or so.

Get The Cost

Wart Removal Cost

The cost of Wart Removal is not fixed, and it varies for each individual. It depends on several factors but primarily on the type and number of warts. However, the average cost of Wart Removal in Dubai starts from 1000 AED.

Consult an Expert

Before undergoing Laser Wart Removal Dubai, it is better to consult an expert. At Euromed Clinic Center, we have a team of board-certified specialists who can guide you.


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