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Dr. Ankita Shah is an Airway Focused Dentist, Tongue Tie Specialist  & TMJ Expert with 11 years of experience and extensive international training in treating an array of diverse cases from infants to adults. 

Dr. Ankita is the first Indian Ambassador from The Breathe Institute with incredible skill developed in performing Functional Frenuloplasty and Laser Tongue Tie Surgeries for infants, children and adults. She had got the opportunity to observe Dr. Soroush Zaghi, a renowned ENT & Sleep Surgeon performs tongue tie surgeries at his practice in Los Angeles.

She has a high-level proficiency in treating TMJ disorders non-surgically and with minimally invasive procedures. She is the first and only OC-trained TMJ expert in India and Dubai(UAE) providing Gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM) & Orthopedic treatments for TMJ. Dr Shah was trained by Dr. Clayton Chan, a world-class pre-eminent educator and authority on neuromuscular dentistry and GNM dental occlusion.

Her advanced education allows her to use a holistic and individualized treatment plan to treat Mouth Breathing, Snoring, Sleep apnea and offer her patients less invasive treatments with outstanding long-lasting results. With a Fellowship and multiple certifications and practice, Dr. Ankita expertly handles Airway Orthodontics and Jaw Expansion procedures.

Her amazing skill set has won her to be recognised by Fox Interviewer’s 40 under 40 class of 2023. She has also been Nominated for Specialist Dentist of the Year, 2019 at the Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards. Dr. Shah is also the President of the India Airway Co-LAB Chapter initiated by AAPMD, New York & The Breathe Institute, Los Angeles.

The reason for her success is her continuous quest to stay abreast of advancements in the field of Airway & TMJ and how can she as a dentist resolve these problems. Dr.Shah also loves to share her knowledge and she has had the opportunity to present at various national and international platforms.

As one of the UAE’s few Airway and TMJ experts, Dr. Ankita’s mission is to help her patients lead a pain free life, have healthy nasal breathing and a good quality of sleep. 

Educational Background

MDS Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry

First Indian Ambassador of The Breathe Institute, Los Angeles

First and Only Indian Gneuromuscular (GNM) TMJ Specialist from Occlusion Connections Center, Las Vegas

Fellowship in MFS Orthodontics from the OWI Institute, Barcelona, Spain

Specialization in Myofunctional Orthodontics presented by the Myofunctional Research Co (MRC), Australia

MyoMentor Graduate, USA

Attended Gold Learning Tongue Tie Symposium

Certified by Global Laser Oral Health, (GLOH), LLC to perform laser frenectomies


Professional Memberships

Member of American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD) 

Member of Indian Dental Association(IDA)

Member of Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI) 

Member of Association of Lactation Professionals, India (ALPI)


Expertise and Services

  • Laser Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Surgeries for Infants With Breastfeeding Problems 
  • Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Surgery for children 
  • Functional Frenuloplasty (Complete fascial Release) Tongue Tie Surgery for Adults
  • Myofunctional Therapy for TMJ, Sleep Apnea & Tongue Tie Releases
  • Thumbsucking Treatment
  • Mouth Breathing Treatment
  • Snoring Treatment
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment 
  • Dental Sleep Appliances 
  • Correct Speech Problems
  • Treatment for Clenching & Grinding 
  • Treatment for Headaches & Migraines 
  • Treatment for Chronic Neck Stiffness & Pain
  • TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain
  • Treatment for Orofacial Pain 
  • TMJ Orthotics, Splints, Nightguards, Mouthguards
  • Airway Orthodontics 
  • Jaw Expanders 


Other Notable Achievements

Invited as a guest lecturer at various national and international platforms, such as Saudi Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Kenya Association of Pediatric Dentistry, South Asian Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, Association of Lactation Professionals India, IBC Conference held by Nectar Integrated Health Services,, Gold Lactation Conference, Talk Tools Conference, iLactation, DY Patil Dental College & Hospital, YMT Dental College & Hospital and many more.

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