Dr. Wolfgang FunkSpecialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Wolfgang Funk is a leading plastic & reconstructive surgeon who has a lifelong successful career in plastic & reconstructive surgery. Originally from Germany, he has been working in many countries.

He works with Euromed Clinic Dubai as a visiting plastic surgeon. His unique expertise in aesthetic surgery makes him a suitable professional for a variety of cosmetic surgery assignments.

His journey in the medical profession started right after he graduated from a regional medical council nordaden (Germany). He got an additional degree in plastic and aesthetic surgery after completing his medical degree.

To specialize in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, he completed 3.5 years of medical specialization from Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Maxillo-facial surgery is one of his areas of expertise. He has got the mind of a skilled plastic surgeon and hands of a creative artist. That is what it takes to deliver the desired cosmetic results.

Due to his contributions to the field, a number of professional bodies are happy to have him. The list his affiliations include the following international medical societies:

  • Community for Aesthetic Surgery (GACD)
  • Aesthetic Laser Medicine Community (DALM)
  • German Community of Plastic Surgeons (DGAPC)
  • German Community Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery (DGMKG)

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Areas of Specialties

He has got expertise in the following areas:

Professional Career

Before joining Euromed Clinic Dubai, he has been working as a:

  • Scientific advisor at Anatomical Institute of the University of Münster
  • Scientific advisor at Anatomical Institute of the University of the Saarland
  • Head Physician at Clinic Dr. Funk for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
  • Lecturer at Academy of Plastic-Aesthetic Facial Surgery at University Witten-Herdecke
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