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Dr GeraldineSouth African expat Geraldine Naidoo is a trendsetter in the realm of Stress Management. She dedicates her practice to guiding individuals on their journeys to holistic wellness in a gentle, effective, and non-invasive way. Through her deep understanding of the connection between mind and body, she offers services to people seeking mental calmness and respite from the tumult of modern life. 


Geraldine Naidoo has acquired a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, which proves the powerful impact of her approach to wellness. She is a proud member of both the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Alternative Medical Association. Furthermore, she is a Certified Trauma Professional with Dr Bessel van der Kolk (author: The Body Keeps The Score). She has completed studies in the Compassionate Inquiry process with Dr Gabor Mate, as well as Somatic experience training with Dr Peter Levine, David Berceli (Tension & Trauma release exercises) and Breathwork training with Kaya Leigh (Sacred Breath Academy).


Dr Geraldine’s expertise is to help your body unlearn the habits, beliefs, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that are restricting the healthy functioning of your body and mind, by cultivating presence attunement and mindfulness

She is focused on helping remove “internal” barriers to wellness, and she provides stress relief and wellness solutions for clients who are dealing with, or have been diagnosed with, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, depression, pain and other chronic conditions that typically create stress and overwhelm which adds to their existing medical challenges.

Geraldine’s unique multidimensional approach establishes the root causes of symptoms and syndromes. With her background in Quantum medicine and a good understanding of both eastern and western medicine principles, she understands the relationship between various psychological and physical ailments, and how this shows up in the body.

She has an incredible understanding of the psychology of the different body parts, and using her trauma informed background, she crafts a transformative experience that addresses the needs of both the body and mind. The solution provided is based on the unique needs of the individual, and often results in immediate and lasting, relief from symptoms.

Unique Approach

 The uniqueness of Geraldine’s approach lies in her unparalleled understanding of the basic science of fractals, a quantum medicine concept in which patterns repeat themselves on varying scales at varying degrees, and what this repetition means for each individual who finds themselves sick and or overwhelmed by life. She is informed by the principles of quantum theory and somatic principles, which have significantly influenced her path to healing. With a keen interest in human wellbeing and an unshakeable belief that there is hope and relief for most challenges, Geraldine’s comprehensive approach considers not only personal biology and personal life experiences but also the undeniable impact of ancestry (epigenetics) as well as the broader culture, society, and environmental impacts. 

Services Provided 

Geraldine offers private, Focused Wellness Consultations that are safe, effective, and trauma-informed.

These consultations are a combination of:

  • Somatic (Body-Based) Techniques
  • Bio-Regulation and Mind-Body Principles
  • Emotional Stress Release Therapy
  • Safe and Sound Protocol (Steven Porges)
  • Trauma Counselling



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