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Ms. Joyce Ann Mendoza is a very capable and accomplished laser skin specialist. She is known for her remarkable skill with the latest laser tech and other modern clinical procedures. Ms. Joyce started her professional career as a licensed nurse in the Philippines. She practised nursing for many years but never did settle for that. After moving to the UAE, she fell in love with Cosmetology as she was always passionate about body aesthetic procedures.

After completing her laser competence course from the Institute of Medical Aesthetics Ms. Mendoza started off as a laser therapist. In no time she familiarized herself with all the latest laser tech like Nd Yag and Diode to perform various laser skin care procedures.

With years of experience, she is now an authority when it comes to performing treatments like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing, and laser skin tightening. Other than laser procedures she has unparalleled skill and prowess in carrying out Mesotherapy, micro-needling, non-invasive face lifting, body contouring, fat reduction, hair bleaching and chemical peeling for skin rejuvenation.

Ms. Mendoza has garnered a distinct reputation for herself as an aesthetic skin specialist and takes great pride in her work. She is so well versed with all the aesthetic procedures that she can make customized cocktail treatment plans that cater to the particular needs of every patient.

Every patient is different from the other and all of them deserve a customized solution that is personalized enough to suit their skin type and fulfill their needs

Ms. Joyce has been creating awareness about skincare in the Philippines and UAE through her social media handles. She is a social media influencer and many people respect her expert opinion regarding skincare.

Even though she is an authority when it comes to performing skincare procedures, she is never resting easy. She is always attending conferences and courses to familiarize herself with the latest skincare tech.

For Ms. Joyce fulfilling the aesthetic needs of her patients is not just a profession, it’s a passion. She also has the brains and brawns along with the latest tech to fulfill all your aesthetic needs. Her way of dealing with patients is simple and effective and her vision is to help everyone who wants to look beautiful and attractive.

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