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Nasim Rashidi Asl, commonly known as Bita, is an Iranian national expert Beauty Therapist with 15 years of experience in permanent makeup and skincare. After completing a two-year permanent makeup and skincare course at the Fani Hefei Institute, Bita returned to her Alma Mater in 2015 to become recognized as a Permanent makeup master. 

Bita also completed courses in skincare at the Nikadel Institute, Iran, facial mapping in Mila D’opiz, Switzerland, and Microblading at the Phi Academy, Belgrade. Bita has worked in some of Iran’s most respected beauty institutes before relocating to Dubai in 2017 where she worked at Yas Beauty Salon, joining Euromed in March 2019. Her exceptional skills make her a master of semi-permanent makeup and her precision makes her a favorite among her clients.


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