With the greatest will in the world and no matter how hard we try, sometimes it seems impossible to achieve the health and fitness levels that we want– but now thanks to Dr Hoda and her ingenious test Vitagene, the impossible has suddenly become possible! Vitagene is a method of DNA testing that can reveal the unique genetic information that is vital to your well-being, and which will enable you to kick-start your journey to health and happiness.

What is the Vitagene test?

The Vitagene Vitality DNA test offers the opportunity to receive a detailed analysis of your ancestry, so that a customised diet, exercise, and supplement plan can be created. By discovering your unique genetic history, a comprehensive picture of your health needs will be revealed. Gaining the valuable knowledge of your ancestral make-up allows for the construction of diet and exercise recommendations, actionable plans, and guidance and techniques that are built for your specific DNA.

What can the Vitagene test discover?

  • What food or vitamins should be avoided in your diet
  • What food or vitamins should be added to your diet
  • Is your body more liable to clot
  • What type of exercise are you naturally built for
  • Would a low-carb or low-fat diet be most suited for your weight loss
  • Do you have increased risk of specific chronic conditions, such as heart disease and stroke

What are the benefits of Vitagene?

Eating right for your DNA

Nutrient gaps in the body can lead to various health issues. Vitagene studies the interaction between your DNA, medical history, and lifestyle to provide you with a customised diet plan to help you stay healthy and happy.

Exercise right for your DNA

Vitagene can help you discover what type of exercise will bring you the best results, and if you are prone to specific injuries. You are able to create a fitness regime, which is best suited to your genetic make-up, and will give your body the optimum chance for health and fitness.

Supplements for your DNA

Using the correct supplements can go a long way in improving your health and overall happiness. Vitagene provides a detailed supplement regimen that is tailored to your unique DNA, medical history, and lifestyle, giving your body everything it needs to thrive. We are all unique, so why shouldn’t our health and fitness plans be unique too! With Vitagene, you can discover your past and better shape your future. Call Euromed today for a consultation, and discuss with Dr Hoda how this innovative DNA test can provide you with the tools needed to achieve overall health and well-being.

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