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At the core of our patient-centered approach at Euromed Clinic Center is Family Medicine. It provides preventive healthcare, early diagnosis, and treatment of common medical illnesses to adults and children. Our outstanding consultants and doctors use their years of experience in integrative, holistic, and anti-aging medicine to diagnose and treat common ailments. Moreover, we have the best family medicine doctors in Dubai who prescribe the best anti-aging programs, hormone treatments, and toxin analyses.

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Anti Aging Treatments

As you would expect from Euromed Clinic, we are delighted to offer you our potent combination of award-winning Anti-Ageing Specialist Dr Hoda and the very latest cutting edge facilities and treatments, to help you towards that most vital aspect of wellness: anti-ageing.
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Bio Identical Hormone Treatments

Much as we may love to banish it completely, a woman’s menopause is an inevitable part of the aging process which must be endured. And while some women sail through with no side-effects, others can experience uncomfortable and even life-limiting side effects such as hot flushes, night sweats, and weight gain as their body’s natural stores of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone deplete.
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Remove Toxins From Body

In this age of wellness, feeling anything less than your best can leave you frustrated, especially if there’s no clear reason for it. Feeling tired, lacking energy, bloated or headache-prone without a clear cause can often be pushed aside in our quest to get on with life. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
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Preventive Care and Reversal Treatment

At Euromed Clinic, we understand the importance of regular check-ups for both adults and children, so that diseases are not only diagnosed, but their risk factors are identified. Moreover, we provide patients with the support and guidance to lead healthier lives.
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Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance is a non-allergic food hypersensitivity, which can produce multiple symptoms including fluid retention, weight gain, acne and other skin problems, headaches, anxiety and bloating.
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HEPART Test – Personalized Blood Testing

This is a patented process, which will precisely determine an individual’s micronutrient needs, allowing the creation of a personalized micronutrient supplement. Research proves that chronic disease is often the result of persistent metabolic dysfunction which can be caused in part by micronutrient deficiencies.
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Cancer Screening Blood Test and Detection

As part of our commitment to your ongoing health and wellbeing one of the most important services we offer is early cancer screening. Cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening can be vital in the fight against illness as early detection can make every difference to the outcome.
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Natural Vitamins Supplements

If you’re not feeling at the top of your game in mind and body you might be in need of a little pick me up to set you straight. Whether you’re not sleeping, feeling sluggish or foggy in the brain, it may be that a simple vitamin or herbal supplement can help. Dr Hoda Makkawi brings 15 years of experience in holistic treatment to bear, and will suggest exactly what you need to get you back to your best.
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Health Wellness & Fitness Guide

If you can’t shake the feeling that you’re not quite living your best life, you should book an appointment with our Lifestyle and Overall Wellness Guide. Whether you just need one meeting to get some suggestions about what you might change in your diet, exercise or life routines to optimize your wellness.
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DNA Genetic Test & Weight Loss Program

With the greatest will in the world and no matter how hard we try, sometimes it seems impossible to achieve the health and fitness levels that we want-- but now thanks to Dr Hoda and her ingenious test Vitagene, the impossible has suddenly become possible! Vitagene is a method of DNA testing that can reveal the unique genetic information that is vital to your well-being, and which will enable you to kick-start your journey to health and happiness.
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Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Level Screening

Disturbance in blood pressure and blood sugar is the root cause of various health issues. Thus, screening is highly recommended. You may adhere to the known fact that ‘care is better than cure’. So, you shouldn’t be unaware of your medical condition and screening is necessary to know if your health is going accurate or […]
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Holistic Healing Treatment in Dubai

Holistic Healing Holistic medicine refers to a form of healing in which the individual is approach and treated as a whole, considered to treat any health issue. All important aspects such as mind, body, emotions, and spirit are considered to achieve the goal of optimal health and wellness. When we talk about the holistic medicine […]
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Metals Hair Test in Dubai

Most of the people believe minerals are always good for them. But, some minerals can be toxic and bad for you. Even copper and zinc which are considered as the best minerals for our body can cause major health problems if they are in our body in a wrong ratio.How you will know if you […]
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IV Nutrient Therapy / Revitalife Drip

IV Nutritional Therapy is an intravenous therapy that transports a controlled dose of minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The human digestive system has absorption limitations, but this therapy allows us to get ten times more nutrients than we can get orally. This IV drip allows everyone to feel great due […]
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Metabolic Disease

Risks of a metabolic disease generally occur in an individual at once. These aspects include hypertension, increased risk of blood clotting, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. The individuals, who got affected due to this syndrome are usually obese and overweight. Since the 1940s, a link between cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorder is revealed by […]
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Food Intolerance Test Cost In Dubai

Food intolerance may affect your well-being in a bad way due to the reaction arouses from your immune system. It is important to keep the immune system healthy for a better and healthy well-being. It helps to fight infections caused by parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. However, the intolerance is something different. Our body reacts […]
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Leaky Gut Syndrome

The digestive tract which includes the walls of the intestine and the gut is responsible for breaking down food into smaller pieces to protect the body from harmful substances. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition in which intestinal walls loosen up allowing larger particles and unhealthy substances to directly enter the bloodstream. This problem harms […]

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