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Abdominal ultrasound is an imaging technique in which sound waves are used to scan a patient’s abdomen. It visualizes the internal body organs like the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, and intestine to diagnose diseases associated with organs in the abdominal cavity. In addition to this, abdominal ultrasound is also used during pregnancy to check the development of the fetus.

Euromed® Clinic Center also offers abdominal ultrasound in Dubai for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients.

Who is a Good Candidate for Abdominal Ultrasound?

The following individuals can have abdominal ultrasound Dubai:

  • Adult men or women
  • Pregnant females
  • Infants

Why is an Abdominal Ultrasound Done?

The reasons to get abdominal ultrasounds vary from person to person. For non-pregnant patients, abdominal ultrasound is done to investigate the following conditions:

  • Fluids in the abdominal cavity
  • Hernia
  • Blood clots
  • Kidney stones or blockages
  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver cancer

For pregnant females, abdominal ultrasound is done to:

  • Monitor the growth of the fetus
  • Check the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Assess the position of the fetus
  • Determine the due date and number of fetuses
  • Investigate fetal abnormalities
  • Detect the gender of the fetus

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How to Prepare for Abdominal Ultrasound?

Abdominal ultrasound for pregnant patients Dubai requires some preparations. You should avoid food and water for at least 8 to 12 hours before the ultrasound. It helps get a clear picture of your abdomen because undigested food or fluids in your stomach block the sound waves. As a result, it becomes problematic for the technician to get a clear image. Moreover, you need to ask your gynecologist if you can continue your regular medications before the ultrasound.

Pre-procedural instructions are different for non-pregnant patients getting an abdominal ultrasound for gallbladder, liver, or spleen. Such patients are instructed to eat fat-free foods in the evening before fasting.

How is Abdominal Ultrasound Performed?

Before performing an abdominal ultrasound, you will be instructed to remove any jewelry that might interfere with the ultrasound. The ultrasound exam requires 30 minutes to complete and is painless. You can get colored images in 4D with the latest 4D Ultrasound Scan. The procedure involves the following steps;

  • You will lie down and expose your abdominal region.
  • The ultrasound technician will apply a lubricating gel to your abdomen. This gel prevents the formation of air pockets between the skin and the ultrasound transducer.
  • The transducer of the ultrasound device emits high-frequency sound waves that echo when they hit an object like a baby or an organ.
  • You may feel some discomfort during the ultrasound if you felt pain in your abdomen before the test. Let the technician know if you feel severe pain.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

After performing the abdominal ultrasound for non-pregnant patients Dubai or even pregnant females, the radiologist will interpret the images. You can resume your normal life activities soon after the scan.

Abdominal Ultrasound Results

Your gynecologist will discuss the results of the ultrasound in the next appointment. If everything is normal, you won’t be asked to have additional screening. However, if a problem is detected, your doctor may recommend another screening exam.

Abdominal Ultrasound Cost in Dubai

Here, at Euromed Clinic, the cost of abdominal ultrasound for pregnant patients starts from AED 1000. However, for non-pregnant patients, it starts from AED 900. The cost can vary from one clinic to another, depending on the location of the clinic. Therefore, it is suggested to consult with an expert regarding price.

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Abdominal Ultrasound FAQs

What are the benefits of abdominal ultrasound?

It is safe and does not involve x-ray radiation.
Provides a clear image that is not possible with an X-ray.
It facilitates procedures like biopsies and fluid aspiration with its quality imaging.
Beneficial for pregnant females in monitoring the unborn babies.
It is painless, simple, and less expensive compared to other imaging techniques.
It does not cause harmful side effects.

When can an abdominal ultrasound identify the sex of the baby?

You can have an abdominal ultrasound between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy to check the gender of the baby. Factors like the stage of pregnancy and fetus position affect the accuracy of the results.

Is abdominal ultrasound essential for prenatal care?

Yes, abdominal ultrasound plays a vital role in evaluating the well-being of the baby. Also, it allows the doctor to diagnose potential issues during pregnancy.

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