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What is Cancer Screening?

Cancer screening blood test helps to detect the abnormal cells and tissues in the body at the early stage. It has made the diagnosis of cancer very easy and may stop it from spreading.

What are the Early Symptoms of Cancer?

As part of our commitment to your ongoing health and wellbeing one of the most important services we offer is early cancer screening. Cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening can be vital in the fight against illness as early detection can make every difference to the outcome.  There are few signs that will tell us the symptoms of cancer. They are enlisted below:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding and continuous discharge
  • Sore throat not healing for a long time
  • Some Gall bladder disorders and liver disorder
  • Enlargement and asymmetry of breasts
  • Digestive disorder and problems in swallowing
  • Unusual changes in the shape, size and volume of a wart or mole.
  • Severe headaches and migraine
  • Persistent tiredness and fatigue
  • Severe muscular pain
  • Pain in bones and joints
  • Viral infections after instant period of time
  • Continuous fever
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How Cancer Can be Detected at Early stage?

Cancer can be detected at an early stage by doing some important blood tests at the initial stage. If you are facing the any of the above-mentioned symptoms of cancer then you should immediately contact a doctor. Hormones vary from person to person and may help in blood screening test. The doctor will suggest you some of the screening tests to diagnose the real cause. These tests generally include blood cells test. Some other types of screening tests are complete blood count or CBC, blood protein test, brain tumor test, and circulating tumor cells test.

Cancer Screening Blood Test and Detection FAQ’s

What cancers are detected by blood tests?

While detecting cancer through blood tests is still a little elusive, the advanced technologies are making rapid progress. The latest techniques can detect eight different types of cancer. These include breast, lung, colorectal, ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, and esophageal cancers.

What tests are done to check for cancer?

Several approaches are used to diagnose cancer including physical exams, lab tests, imaging tests, and biopsy. In lab tests, blood and urine samples are collected to run tests. In imaging tests, CT scan, bone scan, MRI, PET scan, ultrasound, and X-ray are used.

What are the 7 warning signs of cancer?

The seven most commonly occurring cancer symptoms are as follows:
A continuous sore throat that may continue bleeding.
A lump or thickening anywhere on the skin or in the mouth.
Unusual bleeding or discharge from any openings in the body.
A continuously changing bowel or bladder routine.
A continuous cough or hoarseness in the throat.
A regular indigestion complaint or trouble in swallowing.
A sudden change in an already present mole or wart on the body.

What are the Genetic Testing for Different Cancer?

Now after knowing that your blood test is required to check that whether you are suffering from the fatal illness or not, the final step in screening is to decide the techniques used for screening test. As there are various types of cancer so the type of screening technique also differs respectively. Following are some of the cancer screening blood test described for diagnosis different types of cancerous cells in the body.


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