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Food intolerance refers to difficulty digesting certain foods or ingredients. It isn’t a severe medical condition, but eating what you cannot tolerate may trigger several unpleasant symptoms, such as:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Tummy pain
  • Flatulence

Other possible symptoms include headache, constipation, exhaustion, and joint pain. These symptoms may last a few hours or even days.

Clinical testing can help identify the cause of your food intolerance. And based on that, your GP will devise a treatment plan. The diagnostic measures to test food intolerances include:

  • Diet test: Your doctor may ask you to avoid the food you are possibly intolerant to for a few weeks. This will help determine if the symptoms get better.
  • Blood tests
  • Breath test to analyze your lactose intolerance

Food Intolerance Test Cost in Dubai

Various factors come into play when determining the cost of food intolerance in Dubai. Some of those factors are discussed below:

Type of Test

Food intolerance can be checked through different tests, and each of these tests costs differently.

The expertise of the Doctor

A doctor with a high expertise level will perform a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of your condition to devise the best treatment plan. Such practitioners understandably charge a higher fee for testing and treatment.

Reputation and Reliability

You should also check the clinic’s reputation from where you get the tests. If the clinic has a good reputation among people, they may charge more than less-reputed clinics.

Clinic’s Location

The clinic’s location is one of the cost determinants of food intolerance testing. A clinic located in a metropolitan hub must employ highly professional clinical experts and staff. They also have access to better facilities than clinics in less populated areas. Hence, the costs of their diagnostic procedures and treatments are usually high.

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