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Food is one of the necessities of life. We need to eat a variety of food items to stay alive and healthy. Unfortunately, there are some people whose bodies fail to digest and process particular foods. Such people tend to suffer from food intolerance, such that their body rejects specific foods leading them to feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, a Food Intolerance Test Dubai can help identify the foods they are intolerant towards.

What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance is a common problem worldwide, affecting about 15-20% of the entire population. It is however more common among people suffering from digestive system disorders, like IBS.

According to experts, food intolerance occurs when a person has difficulty digesting and metabolizing particular foods. As a result of indigestion, several symptoms appear, and the person continuously feels physically uncomfortable.

To find out if someone is suffering from food intolerance, they should consult an expert for a Food Intolerance Test in Dubai. But to do this, they have to figure out what exactly bothers them. Moreover, they should be aware of the trivial changes in their body after eating particular foods. It will help in delimiting the food items they may be intolerant towards.

Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergies

Although many believe that food allergies and food intolerances are similar, they are not. Both are different health conditions with widely varying reactions. Moreover, many people believe to be suffering from a food allergy, but it often turns out to be a mild form of food intolerance. A genuine food allergy is rare, affecting only 2-4% of the overall population.

So, a Food Allergy Test Dubai is vital to rule out the possibility of an allergy and treat food intolerance.

Food Intolerance

Intolerance to certain food groups is caused by the inability to digest or process the food and lack of appropriate enzymes often causes it. Generally, food intolerance causes mild reactions, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal cramps

Food Allergies

On the other hand, food allergies can have severe effects. When an allergic reaction occurs, the immune system responds quickly and this can lead to a life-threatening reaction in the body, known as anaphylaxis.

Most people suffering from food allergies are allergic to nuts, particularly peanuts, and all types of shellfish. Moreover, cow’s milk allergies and allergies to certain fruits are common in younger children.

The two types of medically recognized food allergies are:

  • IgE-mediated – antibodies cause acute reactions through the over-production of histamine and other chemicals.
  • Non-IgE mediated – white blood cells, called T-cells, cause a slower and less severe reaction.

An Allergy Test Dubai can help identify the exact type of food allergy, so it becomes easier to treat.

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Causes of Food Intolerance

Food intolerance may prove to be serious for human health. However, before undergoing a Food Intolerance Test in Dubai, it is essential to note the elements causing problems resulting in food intolerance.

Some causes of food intolerance may include:

  • Stress or psychological factors
  • Food additives – like sulfites used to preserve dried food and nitrites used in meat preservation
  • Food poisoning caused by parasites, toxins, and bacteria
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – a chronic condition that can cause cramping, constipation, and diarrhea
  • Celiac Disease – a digestive condition triggered by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Food intolerance shows several symptoms including:

  • Bloating
  • Stomach ache
  • Gastritis
  • Headache
  • Palpitation
  • Chronic diseases like Rheumatic disease
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep problems
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Fluid retention

These are only some of the symptoms, and patients may experience several other symptoms. So, they should consider a Food Sensitivity Test Dubai to identify all the triggers for their food intolerance.

Food Intolerances Test

If you are suffering from food intolerances generally or intolerance to certain food groups, you should get tested. A specific test can identify the different foods that your body is unable to digest and process properly. A Food Intolerance Test helps in understanding our dietary requirements better.

At Euromed Clinic, we offer the most advanced food allergy and Food Intolerance Test Dubai. Using the innovative Vitagene Test, we can get a clear picture of the patient’s genetic history and DNA makeup. As a result, they get a thorough and detailed knowledge of what food groups should be added or avoided. It is a customized diet plan that will help them make healthy and informed choices. Moreover, it gives the patient peace of mind that they are eating the foods their body needs.

Get The Cost

Food Intolerance Test Dubai Cost

The cost of the Food Intolerance Test depends on the type of test the patient needs. For instance, the price of the Gluten Intolerance Test Dubai may differ from Lactose Intolerance Test. Moreover, there is the possibility that the patient may need more than one test, which will also affect the cost. Additionally, the type of tools and machines used during the test also affect the test’s final price.

We prefer initial consultation as our doctors can determine the exact cost by examining the patient thoroughly.

Food Intolerance Test FAQs

When to undergo a food intolerance test?

If your body reacts to eating a particular food, you should consider getting tested. A Food Intolerance Test can identify the different foods that your body cannot digest and process properly. If you recognize the symptoms causing indigestion problems, do not hesitate to contact a food intolerance test consultant.

Is there a cure for food intolerance?

Yes, the experts have safe and effective treatments to cure food intolerance. An expert can suggest the right treatment once you take this test.

What if no intolerances show up on my results?

It does not happen in general. However, it is good to make sure sometimes. If you do not have this issue, you must be happy. You can take other tests such as Toxic Metal or Nutritional test to make your diet better.

Is food intolerance harmful to your health?

The continuous consumption of certain foods to which you are intolerant weakens the resistance to many common illnesses. A weak defense enables medical conditions to develop and take hold of your body. In some instances, it can trigger diseases, such as autoimmune thyroiditis and autoimmune joint disorders. Moreover, some studies have suggested there might be a relationship between food intolerance and dementia.

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