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What is DNA Genetic Testing?

DNA basically tells us about the track record of person’s ancestry and gives parental knowledge.  Similarly, DNA genetic testing is a DNA based test which gives the family history by looking at person’s genome resulting in the detailed analysis of ethnic and genealogical information related to an individual or the family as a whole.

This newly developed technique of DNA testing has given the way to people who are interested to know about their historical background. As a result of DNA testing of every person is different from another person’s DNA because of the genetic variations. So an examination of DNA will give the information about the ancestor’s location, their ethnicity, and their historical plus residence background as well. DNA genetic testing in Dubai would be useful for those seeking to find their parental history and those who are pursuing forensic analysis.

Genes of a person depend upon the certain pattern of chromosomes closely and directly related to their parents. In scientific terms, there are two types of chromosomes that are X chromosomes in females and Y chromosomes in males. All the genetic DNA testing is particularly dependant on the pattern of these chromates.

Most common three types of DNA genetic testing are given below:

Testing of Y Chromosomes:

As Y chromosome is for male and it goes directly from father to son so this DNA testing will be done in males rather than in females. Y chromosome testing is usually done to check out that how two families having same surnames are related to each other.

Testing of Mitochondrial:

As all the chromosomes are present in the nucleus of the cell thus, each cell structure has different mitochondria also known as mitochondrial DNA. This is passed from the mother to her children directly so this test can be taken by both male and females. Mitochondria test are used to identify the genetic variations related to the female member if in case, the details have been lost.

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Testing of Single Nuclei Polymorphism:

Nuclei polymorphism testing gives detailed information about so many factors related to the genetic variations. This testing is done on national and international level giving the knowledge about all the historical ancestors including Europeans, Asians, Africans, Arabs and many other ethnic groups.

What Will be the Advantage of DNA Genetic Testing?

DNA test in Dubai will be beneficial for you in not only giving the detailed analysis of background knowledge but also it tells us the medical effects we have on our body. Genetic DNA test will give information about the deficiency of elements in our body plus the hereditary diseases we are likely to have. This test will tell us what kind of food is good for us and should be added to our daily diet and also tells that which vitamins, minerals, proteins are missing in our body.

DNA Genetic Test & Weight Loss Program FAQ’s

Does genetic testing for weight loss work?

The DNA genetic test & weight loss program is the latest technique in weight loss programs. The results of this testing have been quite promising in terms of losing weight. However, the success rate is not 100% as some people did not find any significant difference in their weight.

Do DNA diet tests work?

A DNA genetic test & weight loss program does work. But like every other technique, this method has its limitations, too. Everybody has different needs and it may fail to cater to some. However, this method is improving day by day and is determined to work for everyone.

Does drinking water help to lose weight?

Yes, drinking lots of water does help in losing weight. The reason is that it boosts our metabolism and serves as a suppressant for appetite. Moreover, it cleanses our bodies of waste. It also helps our body to stop retaining water and we lose the extra water weight.

What is a DNA nutrition test?

A DNA nutrition test offers insight into the DNA's impact on a person's body responses towards food and other nutrients. The DNA genetic test & weight loss program can help determine the beneficial food items for us and highlight the ones that we should avoid.

How much does fitness genes cost?

The cost of fitness genes in a DNA genetic test & weight loss program depends on several factors. The doctor will determine the exact cost for each patient as it may vary for every individual.

How Genetic DNA Testing will Help You in Weight Loss Program?

DNA genetic testing will also help us in weight loss as it will give the information about the following things:

  • What food or vitamins should be avoided in your diet
  • What food or vitamins should be added to your diet
  • Is your body more liable to clot
  • What type of exercise are you naturally built for
  • Would a low-carb or low-fat diet be most suited for your weight loss
  • Do you have increased the risk of specific chronic conditions, such as heart disease and stroke
  • What kind of lifestyle nutrition Dubai is suitable for you

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