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Holistic healing is a way of treating the whole person to help them achieve optimal health and wellness instead of treating specific health conditions. This form of medicine involves physiological, mental, and spiritual treatments to help people gain proper balance in life. And once that balance is achieved, you feel wellness inside out.

Unlike mainstream healthcare, which aims to alleviate health condition symptoms, holistic healing focuses on treating root causes that may cause health problems in the future. Often, this approach is used to correct harmonic imbalances that affect the body, mind, and spirit.

Types of Treatment

Different treatment plans are used to assist patients in order to let them be aware of their responsibility to achieve and maintain optimal health. The following can be the types of treatment:

  • Patient education – The patient is educated regarding the lifestyle so they may know which habits are required to hold on to and which ones to change. Also, methods of self-care and lifestyle changes are explained. These methods include counseling, psychotherapy, exercise, diet plan, and many more.
  • Traditional medicine – surgical procedures and western medicines are used to prevent and treat several medical conditions.
  • Complimentary and Alternative Therapies – The patient may receive chiropractic treatment, naturopathy, homeopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicines, hypnotherapy, and many more.

Stages of Holistic Treatment

A holistic healing approach involves six stages, such as:

  • Intent – describing your commitment to the healing procedure
  • Seed – find the casual negative experience of your life
  • Illusion – know the negative belief system that is serving as the root cause of your problem
  • Release – release your negative attachment to the life event by forgiving yourself as well as others
  • Redefine – find new perspectives by focusing on the positive possibilities in your life
  • Integrate – imagine your new truth and feel yourself living in your desired body and environment


You will get several benefits from holistic healing medicine. Some of them are as follows!

  • Quick relief from your pains
  • Understanding the requirement and importance of having a well-balanced lifestyle
  • Better awareness of how to use natural sources to treat your health issues
  • Understanding of making your environment healthy and safe
  • Last but not least, improving your overall health

What are holistic health and healing?

Holistic healing medicine treats the ‘whole’ person when healing a particular illness. This means that instead of just looking at the physical symptoms, it also takes into account the spiritual, mental, and emotional condition.

How do I become a holistic healer?

The criteria to become a holistic healer differ in different parts of the world. Generally, a person must acquire a diploma/certificate/degree in holistic healthcare and at least one year of holistic health training from a prestigious institute to be eligible to perform holistic healing treatment.

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What are some holistic practices?

The primary holistic healing practices are diet, physical workouts, counseling, and psychotherapy.

Does holistic medicine really work?

Holistic healing may not identify the illness and treat it like regular medicine. However, since it may involve western medicine when needed, it may contribute to diagnosing and treating disease. In other words, holistic healing combines the best of traditional medicine and alternative therapies to provide effective disease prevention and treatment.

What are the five areas of holistic health care?

Aside from just considering the physical body, holistic health care also focuses on five other aspects of health. These five aspects are the physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a human being.

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