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As we age, our immune system, which is responsible for protecting us against diseases, gets weaker due to the natural aging process. This deteriorating immune system makes us susceptible to several diseases and in order to revitalize it, we need immune booster therapy

What is Immune Booster IV Therapy?

Immune Booster IV Therapy refers to a medical practice that involves the intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients designed to support and strengthen the immune system. This therapy aims to deliver these essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring higher absorption rates compared to oral supplements.

What are the Benefits of Immune Booster IV Therapy?

Immunity booster comes with numerous benefits, quite a few to mention include:

  • Immunity booster IV drip can reduce the severity of colds 
  • With a proper diet, immune booster IV therapy can aid in normalizing optimal immune function
  • It helps in the formation and distribution of white blood cells
  • IV therapy for immune boosting can help eliminate unwanted and harmful substances from the body that may cause future inflammation
  • It can address issues such as chronic fatigue and dehydration issues

Who Should Get Immunity Booster IV Drip?

A certified healthcare provider can determine who should and shouldn’t receive an immune booster IV drip, depending on the exact deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body, which can be revealed once the mandatory tests are conducted under their supervision. Nonetheless, the candidacy criteria for getting an immune booster drip includes:

Individuals with weakened immune systems

  • Patients recovering from surgery and want to have a faster recovery
  • As a preventive measure while traveling to new places to boost the immune system
  • People suffering from stress might experience a negative impact of it on their immunity system, so boosting it can be helpful. 
  • Athletes or individuals who engage in intense physical training can benefit from rapid nutrient replenishment and recovery support.
  • People with health conditions like celiac disease or IBS may benefit from direct nutrient delivery via IV
  • People recovering from colds, flu, or other infections can use IV therapy to boost their recovery process
  • Individuals recovering from COVID-19 might benefit from an immune boost to regain strength and support their immune system.

What Does the Immune Booster IV Contain?

Immune booster IV drip is a blend of the following nutrients:

Vitamin C: Known for its antioxidant properties and its role in supporting the immune system.

B Vitamins: Essential for energy production and immune function.

Zinc: Plays a crucial role in immune cell function.

Magnesium: Supports numerous biochemical reactions in the body, including immune responses.

Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage and supports detoxification.

What to Expect Before an Immune Booster IV Session?

Initial Consultation: First of all, your healthcare provider will thoroughly examine your medical history, conduct tests, and understand your objectives. After that, he will disclose the right IV therapy option that can sufficiently address your concern. Once the test results are received, your doctor will move on towards the administration process. 

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What to Expect During an Immune Booster IV Session?

During the procedure, the medical staff will guide you to the room where you will be provided with a chair or bed, depending on your preference. You will also be provided with magazines, books, TV, or a mobile phone, depending on your choice. Once you feel relaxed, the infusion process will begin, which can last between 1-2 hours. During the entire procedure, you will feel little to no discomfort, except for the normal injection pain.

What to Expect After an Immune Booster IV Session?

After the procedure, you will be provided with the dos and don’ts of an immune booster drip, which are not complicated. You can continue your daily activities on the same day. 


The results can last from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the reason for receiving it. For consistent results, you need to undergo the session every two weeks or as advised by your doctor.

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What is the Cost of Immune Booster IV Therapy in Dubai? 

The starting cost of immune booster IV in Dubai is AED 999. However, the final price may fluctuate depending on the following factors: 

  • Expertise of the practitioner
  • Geographical location of the clinic
  • Number of sessions required
  • Goal of the patient

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