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Heavy metals can be found in our environment naturally as well as due to industrial pollution. Several metals, especially iron, copper, zinc, are vital for different biochemical processes in the body. However, not all metals are good for us; some of them can be toxic and harmful, too. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are considered highly dangerous to our health, even if exposed to a small amount. Besides, even copper and zinc – believed to be the best minerals – can cause significant health problems if they are present in the wrong ratio in our bodies. But how will we know if we have the correct balance of metals and minerals in our bodies? Luckily, advancements in science and medicine have made it possible to get information in this regard. Euromed Clinic Center offers state-of-the-art hair minerals and toxic tests in Dubai. This test can help identify the number of minerals and metals in our bodies, and we can choose treatment accordingly.

How Heavy Metals Toxicity Can Happen?

Heavy metals toxicity may be caused due to the increasing level of chemicals and pollution. People can also be exposed to heavy metals in small quantities through:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Compromised food items (seafood and fish)
  • Workplace
  • Commercial products

The high quantity of toxic metals used in different products is deposited into our body tissues and brains. These high levels of toxic metals stored in our bodies can lead to several neurological and developmental problems. So, it is necessary to monitor the existence of heavy metals and minerals in the body and consult your doctor for treatment options.

What Does Heavy Metals Toxicity Do?

Our bodies can develop several diseases and disorders due to a high level of toxic metals absorbed in our tissues. Some of these problems include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Digestive disorders
  • Developmental disorders
  • Cancer

What is a Heavy Metals Hair Test?

Hair analysis for heavy metals can help examine the body for exposure to toxic metals. If a patient has been experiencing one or more of the physical symptoms mentioned above, they should consult an expert immediately. Sometimes these symptoms go undiagnosed or traditional medication does not work on them. In such cases, a heavy metals hair test in Dubai can help diagnose the actual underlying problem. It is a definitive test for examining the level of toxic metals in your body. Doctors can get important information about our bodies from our hair and devise a treatment plan accordingly.

Why Choose a Metals Hair Test?

A heavy metals test is perfect for determining whether a patient’s health is declining due to mineral deficiency or metal toxicity. Besides, this test can also check if the heavy metals elimination procedure (chelation) has proved to be effective or not after the treatment has been completed.

A hair metal test allows you to get valuable information about your overall health. The laboratory report and symptoms can help the doctor diagnose a physiological problem in the early stage.

Pre-Requisites of the Test

It is necessary to follow pre-procedure instructions before going for a heavy metals test. During your initial consultation, let the doctor know if you have any present complaints, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, anemia, etc. After consulting, the doctor will provide you with specific instructions to follow before the test. Some general prerequisites of the test are as follows:

  • Use a regular shampoo to wash your hair before cutting them for the test. Avoid using anti-dandruff or medicated shampoo for at least 14 days before the cutting.
  • Avoid using hair conditioners or hair styling products for at least 10-12 days before the procedure.
  • Do not apply any dying agents to your hair for at least eight months before the test, as such products include chemicals.

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Sample Specimen Requirements

The doctor needs your hair to carry out a heavy metals test, and patients need to provide a sample for the test. Most doctors use 0.25 grams of hair (about 1 tbsp) as a minimum; however, 1 gram is preferred to get the best results.

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Benefits of Metals Testing

A heavy metals hair test in Dubai has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • The test allows the elimination of extra and toxic heavy metals from the body.
  • It assesses if mineral deficiency or metal toxicity is causing a significant health issue.
  • It helps detect essential minerals that may convey substantial improvements.

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Metals Hair Test FAQ’s

How accurate is hair testing for heavy metals?

The metals hair test is a screening test used to detect metals like uranium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, and nickel in our body. The test results show a certain level of accuracy, but currently, no test shows all metals in our bodies.

Can heavy metals be detected in hair?

Usually, heavy metal testing uses a blood or urine sample to detect the presence of excessive heavy metals in the body. Besides these, heavy metals can also be detected in fingernails and hair.

When should I get heavy metal testing?

If you have been showing symptoms of heavy metal poisoning after being exposed to heavy metals, you should get a heavy metals test.

What are the symptoms of heavy metals in the body?

If you have heavy metals in your body, you may suffer from diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, shortness of breath, tingling sensations in your hands and feet, chills, or weakness. If you have any of these symptoms, you should undergo a metal hair test.

What foods are high in heavy metals?

Some of the most common food items have a very high quantity of heavy metals in them. These food items include fish, brown rice, leafy green vegetables, and unfiltered water. So, avoid consuming food items that are rich in heavy metals.

How can I test myself for heavy metals?

It’s easy to test yourself for heavy metals using a test kit. Send your blood or urine sample to the lab from where you buy the kit, and they will analyze it and send the results. You can also visit a facility for a heavy metal hair test.

How much does heavy metal testing cost?

The cost of metals hair tests in Dubai varies from person to person. It depends on several factors such as the location, the facility you choose, the doctor’s qualification, etc. Your doctor can help determine the exact cost of the test.

Consult an Expert

It is always recommended to make an initial consultation with the doctor before undergoing any treatment. If you choose Euromed Clinic Center for a heavy metal test, our doctors will discuss your present complaints, take a detailed medical history, and provide professional advice. All our doctors are highly experienced with a vast clientele who are satisfied with the results and treatments. So, fill the following form and book your appointment now!


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