Ozone Therapy

Oxygenation of body cells is a continuous and critical process that supports the immune system, which in turn keeps the body vitalized. Several factors, such as lifestyle choices, foods, and the environment, tend to interfere with this process, leading to an increased risk of wear and tear in cells and tissues. Aging also adds to this deterioration. As a result, the body becomes more prone to infections and diseases. 

But as they say, modern problems require modern solutions, ozone therapy in Dubai provides several benefits to people of different ages.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy involves administering ozone gas (O3) to promote the healing of a wound or reduce an illness. Research has found that this method can stimulate the immune system to help treat various medical conditions. Many people in medical circles recognize ozone therapy as a viable approach to promote disinfection inside the body.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

The field of medicine is always evolving, and new treatments or uses for existing treatments can emerge over time with continued research and clinical trials. Similarly, ozone therapy is now getting popular among the masses due to its potential in treating some medical conditions.  

Relieves muscular pain and headaches: Some studies suggest ozone therapy might help in reducing pain, including muscular pain. 

Positive effects on the immune system: Ozone therapy has the potential to enhance your immune system and make it more resilient to infections and viral attacks. 

Improved blood circulation: May help reduce circulation problems, improve overall blood flow, and prevent several health conditions. 

Detoxification: Limited studies suggest that ozone therapy can help in removing toxins from the body. However, further studies are needed to authenticate this claim. 

Skin rejuvenation: In some individuals, it is found out that ozone therapy can stimulate the production of collagen in the body, leading to skin rejuvenation. 

Note: Many of the claims about ozone therapy are not widely accepted by the mainstream medical community, primarily due to a lack of robust, large-scale clinical trials that provide clear, conclusive evidence of its efficacy.

Ozone Therapy Procedure

The most effective ozone therapy method, which is also the most preferred one, is intravenous ozone therapy. The main objectives of this treatment are cell oxygenation and body detoxification. Cell oxygenation mainly helps with cell regeneration and overall cellular functions. 

The steps involved in the intravenous ozone therapy are as follow: 

  • First, the doctor takes about 60-80mL of blood from the patient.
  • This blood is stored in a sterile container and then ozone gas is introduced into it. 
  • For a certain period, they let the blood and ozone mix with each other. 
  • After that, through an intravenous drip, the ozonated blood is re-injected into your body.  

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What is the Risk of Ozone Therapy? 

While ozone therapy may have some potential applications, it’s important to critically evaluate the claims made about its benefits and to consider the current scientific evidence

The first disadvantage of ozone therapy is the treatment’s authenticity. For your information, the FDA has not approved it yet as further studies and scientific evidence are needed to establish its credibility. 

In some cases, Ozone therapy can cause Herxheimer reaction (also known as a healing reaction), a situation where you may feel worse before feeling better. This reaction is mainly characterised by flu-like symptoms.

How Much is Ozone Therapy in Dubai?

The starting cost of ozone therapy in Dubai is AED 500 per session. This cost is variable, given that it depends on the locality of the clinic, the number of sessions, and the expertise of  the practitioner. 

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What Does Ozone Therapy Treat?

A 2011 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that ozone therapy may help with circulatory problems, infected wounds, viral diseases, arthritis, and SARS.

Is Ozone Therapy the Same as Oxygen Therapy?

No, both these treatments are not the same. Ozone therapy uses O3 molecules, while oxygen therapy uses O2 molecules.

How Many Sessions of Ozone Therapy Do I Need?

The number of sessions depends on the individual’s case but generally, the best benefits are seen between 5-10 sessions.

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