What is blood testing?

Blood testing is the very first step for diagnosis of any disease or infection. These tests tell us how our body is performing its functions and also the working of different organs of the body. Blood tests are very much necessary when it comes to the treatment of different diseases. When it comes to a doctor or consultant, blood tests are the important ones.

Blood testing is needed by the doctors specifically before he would go for prescribing the medicines he should know what the actual problem is and it can only be done with the help of blood testing. Moreover, blood tests are required to check the functions of various organs of the body including kidneys, liver, and thyroid and heart stroke. Personalized blood testing also helps to diagnose the fatal diseases like cancer screening blood testing, HV/AIDS and chronic heart diseases blood test. In addition, blood testing will also inform about the condition of blood or any blood clotting if occurs.

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Cholesterol Test

A cholesterol test is one of the most important tests of personalized blood testing. This test provides the indication of some chronic health issues. These problems include coronary heart disease and diabetes. These health issues occur due to the drastic change in cholesterol levels. So, it is necessary to monitor the level of blood cholesterol. You should get this test on the yearly basis even if you don’t have any visible symptoms. Keep your cholesterol levels in control if you want to prevent yourself from some chronic diseases and live a healthy life. Also, keep it in mind that a little discomfort may happen while administering this test. Our doctors brief you regarding the procedure before starting it to keep the level of your anxiety down.

You should follow the proper preoperative and postoperative instructions to get accurate results. Furthermore, our doctors will provide you a treatment plan if any issue gets detected in this test.

How it Works?

Personalized Blood testing is quite common. Once you have scheduled checkups, your doctor might advocate blood tests to envision however your body is functioning. Many blood tests do not need any special provisions. For some, you’ll have to be compelled to quickly responsive to not eating anything for eight to twelve hours prior to the checkup. Your doctor can allow you to acumen to organize for blood tests.

During a biopsy, a little sample of blood is taken from your body. It’s always been taken from a vein in your arm employing a pine needle. A finger prick additionally could be used.The procedure sometimes is fast and straightforward, though it should cause some short discomfort. The majority do not have severe reactions to having blood drained.

Personalized blood testing laboratory staff takes the blood sample and analyzes it. They make use of either blood to count blood cells, or they separate the blood cells from the fluid that contains them. This fluid is termed plasma or liquid body substance.

The fluid is employed to live totally different substances in the blood. The outcome will facilitate find health issues in the early phase, once treatments or manner changes may match the best. Doctors cannot diagnose several diseases and medical issues with personalized blood testing alone. Your doctor might contemplate alternative factors to substantiate a designation. These factors will embrace your signs and symptoms, your anamnesis, your important signs such as your blood pressure, breathing, pulse, and temperature and results from alternative tests and procedures.

What are the Beneficial Aspects of Blood Testing?

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of doing a personalized blood testing.

  • Parameter of health and wellness
  • Helps to diagnose diseases
  • Checking out the functional and non functional organs of the body
  • Helps to elevate inflammation and protein level in the blood
  • Blood testing helps to tackle small problems before they get complex and severe.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of chronic heart attack and prevent blockage of arteries.
  • Gives information regarding hormonal level imbalance
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