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Our blood is like a database of information about our entire bodies. It offers valuable insights into the deficiencies and excesses of different nutrients in the body. This information is vital for preventive care and reversal treatment as it helps prevent the onset of severe diseases. Personalized blood testing in Dubai can help identify any abnormalities in the blood and detect how the immune system reacts to different foods and nutrients. These findings can help devise a personalized health and diet plan as well as a treatment plan for each individual.

What is Blood Testing?

A blood test is a laboratory analysis of a blood sample, usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle or fingerprick. Blood testing is the first step for diagnosing any disease or infection. These tests tell us how our body performs its functions and the working of different organs. Generally, blood tests are necessary when it comes to the treatment of various diseases.

Blood tests are required to check the functions of various body organs, including kidneys, liver, thyroid, and heart. Some personalized blood tests also help diagnose fatal diseases, like:

What is HEPART Blood Testing?

HEPART blood testing is a patented and sophisticated blood test that helps precisely determine individuals’ needs for different micronutrients. Using the test’s results, an expert creates a personalized micronutrient supplement to fulfill the particular nutrient’s deficiency in the patient’s body.

How is HEPART Test Performed?

A HEPART test in Dubai is a unique type of blood testing that helps examine the inside of the patient’s body. This test gives an insight into the body by showing a complete picture of the body’s function, including:

  • Enzymatic Function
  • Aging Function
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Levels of minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients

HEPART Testing is a simple blood test that originated in Switzerland. It is ideal for finding out the underlying cause of a health problem and preventing fatal diseases. After the test is done, the sample is sent to Switzerland, where it is examined thoroughly in a lab. We get a detailed report of the patient’s internal health and any abnormalities that may be found. Then, the experts at Euromed Clinic Center provide the patients with customized and individualized herbal supplements explicitly tailored for each patient’s body needs.

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Personalized blood testing in Dubai has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Personalized blood tests can determine the levels of our health and wellness.
  • These tests help diagnose severe diseases and identify risk factors.
  • They help check out the functional and non-functional organs of the body.
  • These tests help examine inflammation and protein levels in the blood.
  • Blood testing tackles minor problems before they get complex and severe.
  • These tests reduce the risk of chronic heart attack and prevent blockage of arteries.
  • They also provide valuable information regarding the hormonal level imbalance.


What is checked in routine blood tests?

The patient’s complete blood count is conducted in routine blood tests or HEPART test – personalized blood testing. It means their red and white blood cells are counted along with measuring the hemoglobin levels. Personalized blood testing can help identify several diseases and underlying problems.

What infections show up in blood tests?

Several bacterial and viral infections can show up in the HEPART test – personalized blood testing. With the help of these blood tests, several fatal diseases like cancer, anemia, HIV/AIDS, and chronic heart diseases can be detected.

Can a blood test show a bacterial infection?

Yes, a personalized blood test can show a bacterial infection. It will show any bacteria in the bloodstream that may be responsible for an infection. These bacteria can affect the entire body and spread the infection.

What blood tests are done for suspected heart attack?

Usually, ECG is done to detect the risk of a heart attack. However, a blood test is also conducted that measures the levels of a protein called troponin. If the results show higher levels of troponin, the risk of heart attack increases.

Is ECG enough for a heart test?

Conducting ECG for a heart attack is a common practice that serves the purpose. But to be extra careful and entirely sure, a blood test is also performed. This test measures the troponin levels in the blood and helps eliminate the risk of a heart attack.

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If you want to learn about your body’s deficiencies and requirements, a personalized blood test is the best way to go about it. Euromed Clinic Center is offering a unique method of blood testing, the HEPART test in Dubai. You can learn about different underlying problems through this test, and a doctor can devise a suitable treatment plan. So, please schedule an appointment today by filling the online form or giving us a call.


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