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The teeth are of vital importance for both our health and our appearance. No matter how much we take care, cavities and tooth decay can still take place. The Dental Fillings in Dubai can resolve any issues you experience and restore the teeth their strongest form. Continue reading to know the cost, benefits, results, side effects, procedure, and more.

What is Dental Filling?

Despite your best efforts to maintain healthy teeth, certain problems may still occur. In certain cases, fillings can be used to repair decayed or broken teeth. Our doctor will remove the decayed material in your teeth, clean the cavity and fill it with a filling material.

Results and Benefits

You can expect the following results and benefits from having a dental filling treatment done at Euromed. These include:

It is bio-compatible.

It bonds to tooth structure.

It is aesthetically more attractive.

It has low risk of allergic reactions.

It is safe (mercury-free and metal-free).

It preserves a more natural tooth structure.

It has minor side effects that subside in a day or two.

It take short time to finish and there is no downtime.

Who is a Candidate?

There are certain rules for the treatment. Some signs indicate that you might be a good candidate for the treatment. The following people can avail of it:

Those with a seriously infected tooth

Those who have mild to moderate tooth decay.

Those who already have had a dental filling but either would like it replaced or need another.

What is the Aim of Treatment?

The treatment aims at the following;

To treat cavities.

To cure any inflammation.

To remove the decayed area.

To fill the tooth to make it normal.

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Which Technique is Used?

Our resident dentist, Dr. Sofia, always uses the latest techniques and material of the highest possible grade to perform this procedure, such as tooth-colored fillings made from composite, synthetic resins. Not only are they aesthetically more attractive, they are also a safer alternative to the silver amalgam fillings used in the past.

The fillings help to hold the tooth together, as the composite resin material bonds to the structure of the tooth, creating a seal that prevents further decay. Our dental department matches the resin with the natural color of your teeth, to create a filling that is barely visible.

The following types of fillings are mostly used;

  • Gold Fillings
  • Ceramic Fillings
  • Amalgam Fillings
  • Composite Fillings
  • Glass Ionomer Fillings

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

It is not difficult to prepare for the treatment. Prior to the Dental Fillings Treatment, the dentist will provide a list of instructions to ensure you are in the best possible health.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

The recovery period is not long. The patient needs to be careful after the Dental Fillings Treatment. The dentist will provide a list of instructions to take care of the teeth after the procedure.

Get The Cost

Cost of Dental Filling

The Dental Fillings Treatment cost depends on some variable factors such as the location of the treatment facility, the expertise of the doctor, and how complicated the issue is. This means that the cost of the procedure varies from person to person. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know the exact price of the treatment in your case.

Your Questions

How much does tooth filling cost?

The rate depends on different factors such as the location of the provider, the expertise of the provider, and the type of filling the patient wants to have. It can cost from $50 to $150 in USA. To find our clinic cost please fill in the form to get the exact cost.

How do you fill a tooth?

Dentists use a specific material to fill a tooth. While many options are available, gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, and composite resin are used to fill a tooth in general.

What are white fillings made of?

White fillings or tooth-colored fillings are actually resin composite fillings that are made of a ceramic and plastic compound.

How long do fillings last?

The life of a dental filling depends on different factors such as the type of material used, eating habits, and dental care routine. Here is how long gold, silver amalgam, and composite raisin fillings last: Gold: 15 to 30 years Silver Amalgam: 10 to 15 years Composite Raisin: 5 to 7 years.

Can I drink water after tooth extraction?

Some beverages can be harmful but water is safe. So different beverages should be avoided for 24 hours and it is good to drink water regularly.

How long after tooth extraction can I eat?

Yes, a person can eat food after tooth extraction. But only soft foods should be eaten for the initial 24 hours. After one day, other foods can be tried after consulting the dentist.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have got cavities or a tooth decay problem, the dental filling in Dubai can solve your problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime by calling us or filling the online form. 


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