The traditional dental implant treatment takes up to one year to finish. It has now become possible to have dental implants in one day at Euromed, with NO compromise on the quality of the treatment. The same day dental implant is the treatment that saves your precious time.

Importance of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry has evolved into the mainstream of restorative practices all over the world. This field focuses on the maintenance of bone after tooth loss to improve or maintain facial aesthetics.

Dental Implants Time and Cost

Dental Implant Procedure is an important tooth procedure that has many benefits. The traditional implant procedure may take about a year to finish because three steps are used to perform it.

Firstly, the existing tooth or root is removed. The site is then left for four to six months to heal. During this period, the body will grow new bone inside the socket. The dental implant is then placed. The implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. For different types of implants, the healing time is different. A dental crown is attached to the implant after the healing time.

Patient demand for immediate gratification has increased; as a result, implant dentistry has since responded with immediate implant placement after extraction followed by immediate loading of the crown. Nowadays immediate loading is becoming far more common: the implant and temporary crown are placed within 48 hours of implant surgery and are left in position for the healing period.

Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai

It is possible to have dental implants in one day. The following steps make up the same day dental implants.

  • Consultation and Planning

The dental implant surgery is complex in nature and requires meticulous planning. Do not forget to share complete medical and dental history with our dental expert, Dr Sofia, who may ask you to undergo some diagnostic tests, such as dental x-rays and a CT scan.

The results of these tests will determine the future of the procedure. The quality of the bone will be analyzed after checking the results of the tests. Some dentists choose to graft bone in the alveolar socket to make a bony base for the implant when it is placed into a recent extraction site.

Enough gum tissue is a must to surround the implant and crown as this will affect the appearance. The implant crown should look as if it is emerging naturally from the gums. Gum tissue can be grafted from another site in the mouth if necessary. Dr Sofia will also determine the right position for the implant and will choose the correct size.

  • Removing the Existing Tooth

Removing the existing tooth is an important part of the procedure. The dentist needs to remove the broken tooth carefully so that the tooth socket is not damaged. It can lead to unsightly gum recession and poor prognosis in case the bone from the walls of the socket is damaged or lost. If this happens, the dentist will have to end the procedure.

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  • Implant Placement

After the tooth extraction, the implant fixture is placed in the bone using this method. It is important to place the implant in such a way that it is immovable. This stability is referred to as the primary stability of the implant.

As per some recent studies, the primary stability of the implant in bone is a key determinant of the success of the procedure. The tooth socket of an upper front tooth is cone-shaped. To achieve primary stability, the implant has to penetrate the apex of the socket and affix to the bone in this area. Moreover, a bone graft can be placed inside the tooth socket.

  • Crown Placement

The following two ways can be used to attach the crown:

Directly: The crown and the abutment are one piece and a lag-screw traverses both to secure the one-piece structure to the internal thread on the implant.

Indirectly: In the first step, the abutment is attached to the implant followed by the cementing of the crown to the abutment. The abutment can be used, in this variation to create a change of angulation for the crown to emerge through the gum tissue with a more natural appearance.

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  • Care and Maintenance

How early you recover and how good the results you get both depend on the post-treatment care. Your surgeon will provide you a list of instructions that you need to follow.

Smoking: If you are a chain-smoker, you may not qualify as a good candidate for this treatment.

Overloading: Do not put pressure on the implant because a little pressure can cause damage.

Oral Hygiene: Take good care of the treatment site during the first two months.

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