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The simplest way to grow a beard is to avoid a razor and let natural hair growth take care of the rest. But it is not as simple for guys with a lack of hair growth on the face. Many people have patchy facial hair, which doesn’t make a fuller, attractive beard. Fortunately, they can benefit from a beard transplant.

What is a beard transplant?

You won’t have any trouble understanding the concept of a beard transplant if you already know how hair transplantation works. In simple words, beard transplantation involves extracting hair grafts – usually from the back of the head – and then implanting those grafts into the jawline’s skin or wherever the beard hair is insufficient.

Are you a suitable candidate for a beard transplant?

Men who have lost facial hair due to genetics, injuries, or burns are good candidates for a beard transplant. Moreover, individuals with irregular growth of beard strands due to low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances may also consider getting this treatment.

A beard transplant is generally suitable for people who:

  • Have patchy growth of beard hair
  • Want to have a fuller beard or sideburns
  • Have scars among the beard area

Moreover, some health considerations also come into play when deciding on a beard transplant, such as:

  • Lifestyle: A commitment to a healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward preserving beard hair after a transplant. You must sign up for this treatment only when you are willing to stick to a healthy diet and avoid mental stress.
  • Health condition: It is essential to have a word about candidacy criteria with a health physician before getting a beard transplant. You do not want your health conditions or medications to affect your transplanted beard adversely.

Last but not least, you must have a good amount of hair on the back of the head to qualify for a beard transplant. This area of the head usually retains hair for a lifetime.

Should I get a beard transplant?

You should get a beard transplant if you are not happy with the appearance of your scanty beard. This treatment is widely considered a suitable option because it:

  • Delivers permanent results
  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • Results in minimal pain
  • Gives you a beard that grows naturally
  • Is overall safe

Beard Transplant Procedure

A Beard transplant is usually performed under local anesthesia to keep the procedure painless. Here are the steps involved in this treatment.

Follicle Harvesting

During this step, the surgeon will shave the donor area of the head and administer local anesthesia. Then, they will remove a strip of the scalp with hair follicles or extract individual grafts.

Follicle Implantation

Implantation involves placing individual hair follicles in the facial area with less or no beard hair.


The initial recovery after surgery lasts a day, during which the treated skin develops tiny crusts around newly implanted hair grafts.

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Beard Hair Transplant Options

Hair surgeons perform beard transplantation using two approaches, which are outlined below.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): Using this approach, the surgeon cuts a small strip of the scalp with hair follicles on it from the back of the head. This strip is then divided into individual grafts, which are later implanted into the facial area.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This least painful method involves harvesting individual hair follicles directly from the donor site, leaving behind no visible scarring in the donor and recipient areas. These grafts are then implanted into the recipient area.

What to expect from beard hair transplant?

You can expect newly transplanted stands to settle into the place and grow in 3-4 months. A complete, healthy beard will germinate in 8-9 months.

Both FUT and FUE offer natural-looking results. However, FUT helps you get more grafts than FUE, allowing you to have a thicker beard style. This is because FUT allows harvesting more hair strands in a strip of the scalp.

How much does a beard transplant cost in Dubai?

The average starting cost of a beard transplant is 13,500 AED. The final price of this treatment depends on the number of grafts transplanted.

How painful is a beard transplant?

With local anesthesia administered before the procedure, a beard hair transplant remains minimally painful throughout its duration. There will be slight redness and inflammation afterward, but it will subside in a few days.

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Beard Transplant FAQs

Do beard transplants last forever?

Yes, a beard transplant is a permanent solution to a patchy beard.

Do beard transplants look natural?

Yes, beard transplant results look natural and indistinguishable from a naturally grown beard.

Does beard transplant have side effects?

Side effects of a beard transplant exist, but they are too minor and occur too rarely to deviate you from this treatment. This treatment's most known side effect is that some beard hair falls out, which is a normal part of the healing process. The healthy hair regrows in its place once the healing is complete.

Are beard transplants worth it?

The answer to this question depends on how dissatisfied you are with your beard's lack of hair strands. A beard transplant is definitely worth considering if you want to have a fuller beard in place of the patchy hair growth on your face.

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