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Eyebrows frame your face and play a vital role in shaping your facial expressions. Women, particularly, are more curious about their eyebrows, and to them, thick eyebrows are more resilient as they can be molded into any shape and style. But does every woman enjoy the luxury of thick eyebrows? Obviously no. For that purpose, here comes a cosmetic procedure called eyebrow transplant. 

What is Eyebrow Transplant? 

Eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure in which a hair transplant specialist harvest hair follicles from the donor site – usually from the back of the head – and then transfer them to the brows. This process is typically carried out by a qualified hair transplant specialist and is considered a day procedure, meaning you can leave the clinic on the same day after completing the procedure. 

Who needs an eyebrow transplant?

There are numerous reasons one can choose to undergo eyebrow restoration in Dubai, but the decision is ultimately up to the individual. It may be for aesthetic purposes or sometimes, medical compulsion. However, any person experiencing the following scenarios can go for an eyebrows transplant:

  • You have thin eyebrows that restrain you from adapting to contemporary fashion – thick eyebrows. 
  • You have lost your eyebrows to physical trauma like burning, inflammation, or in an accident. 
  • You have undergone chemotherapy or radiology and now want to grow natural-looking eyebrows. 

How does an eyebrow transplant work?  

Have you heard of a FUE hair transplant? An eyebrow transplant exactly works the same as a hair transplant. However, the whole process is way more convenient than FUE or FUT hair transplant. 

Pre-procedure care for eyebrow transplant 

Because it’s a minimally invasive procedure, some people may overlook the importance of proper care prior to the treatment. This lack of preparation can result in process delays. Therefore, it’s important to adhere to the following guidelines before going for the procedure.

  • Avoid taking any type of blood thinner medicines a week before the treatment. However, before discontinuing any medicine, discuss it with your doctor.  
  • Avoid plucking or tweezing eyebrows before the procedure as they can cause skin irritation and inflammation that may complicate the procedure. 
  • On the procedure day, avoid applying makeup or cosmetics in the surrounding area of the eyebrows. \
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Eyebrow transplant procedure

Eyebrow hair transplant procedure is relatively straightforward but requires careful planning and execution. The goal is to replace thinning or lost eyebrow hair, often caused by overplucking, aging, illness, or genetics. Here are some steps you can experience after arriving at the clinic. 

Marking the eyebrows

Once you reach the clinic, the doctor will plan out the transplant. This includes marking the eyebrows and deciding where to source the hair (typically from the back of the head, as these hairs are genetically resistant to falling out) and designing the new brows. This design phase is crucial: eyebrows need to look natural and suit your facial features.

Administering local anesthesia

When marking and designing are complete, local anesthesia is applied to both the donor and recipient areas to minimise discomfort. The surgeon may also provide a mild sedative if needed.

Hair extraction

The surgeon will use one of two methods to extract the hair: FUE or FUT. However, doctors usually opt for FUE transplant due to its minimally invasive nature. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), individual follicles are removed directly from the scalp. FUE leaves less scarring and is currently the more common technique.


Now, your healthcare provider will transplant each hair follicle one by one into the brow area. The surgeon carefully considers the angle and direction of growth to mimic natural brow hair. 

The whole procedure can take up to 3-4 hours. After completing the process, the doctor will examine your health condition and allow you to go home with prescribed medicines and instructions.

Post-procedure care

To ensure a speedy recovery and gaining more realistic results from the procedure, the doctor usually recommends:

  • Avoiding touching or rubbing the area
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Abstain from strenuous activity
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry


Transplanted hair often falls out within 2-3 weeks post-operation – this is normal and expected. The hair follicles are still intact and new hair growth should begin in 3-4 months, though full results may not be visible until around 10-12 months after the procedure.

What are the common complications associated with eyebrow transplant? 

As with any medical procedure, there can be risks and side effects, so it’s essential to discuss these with your healthcare provider. These could include:

  • Numbness or cold sensation around the eyebrows
  • Infection
  • Swelling of the treated area
  • Poor growth of transplanted hair
  • Dissatisfaction with the cosmetic result

What is the cost of an eyebrow transplant in Dubai? 

The starting cost of an eyebrow transplant in Dubai is AED 9,000. However, the final price may fluctuate depending on the amount of transplanted hair grafts. The geographical location of the clinic and the available facilities also play a vital role in determining the final price of the treatment.

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Does the transplanted hair grow on eyebrows? 

Yes, the hair grows as its grafts are harvested from the head. Therefore, you will need proper trimming or waxing over the due time to keep your eyebrows in your desired shape. 

How many hair grafts are typically required for an eyebrow transplant? 

Generally, 400-500 hair grafts are way sufficient for both eyebrows transplants. However, the number can vary depending on the individual requirement. 

Is eyebrow transplant permanent? 

The results could be permanent, but this is not guaranteed. The longevity of the results depends on how you follow post-procedure instructions. Also, overall general health and a healthy diet can also contribute to the results of an eyebrow transplant. 

Is eyebrow transplant a painful process? 

Eyebrow transplant is carried out under local anesthesia and so you can’t feel pain during the procedure. However, after the procedure, you may experience slight pain in the treated area. 


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